BSPP Presidential Meeting 2002

Plant Pathology and Global Food Security


Improving pearl millet, the staple cereal crop of some of the worlds poorest people, whilst keeping one step ahead of downy mildew
Wendy A. Breese, C. Tom Hash, Arun Sharma and John R. Witcombe

Development of integrated pest management techniques for the control of Ascochyta blight of chickpea
Estelle Gewiss and Richard N. Strange

Towards managing virus infection of field vegetables in Kenya
Sara L Hughes, Noah A Phiri, Duncan Chacha, Alex Kuria, Alice Mwaniki, Beryn Achieng, Stephen Ndirangu, Sarah Simons, Gilbert Kibata and Nicola J Spence

Toxigenicity of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri, the wilt pathogen of chickpea
S. Gopalakrishnan and Richard N. Strange

Biological control of Allium white rot and degradation of sclerotia in different UK soils
JP Clarkson, T Payne, JM Whipps

Understanding Biological Invasion Using Plant Epidemics
Joo Filipe Wilfred Otten, Gavin Gibson, and Christopher A. Gilligan

Healthy quality seed for improved food security The farmer as a seed tester
Solveig Danielsen, Carmen Nieves Mortensen, S.B. Mathur

Inhibition of Fusarium culmorum and Alternaria alternata by clove oil and eucalyptus oil
Elizabeth Byron

Assessing the research and development needs for yam in Nigeria and Ghana
L. Kenyon, S. Morse and CC Asiabaka

Soil temperature and water potential effects on carpogenic germination of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
JP Clarkson, JM Whipps, CS Young

The heterogeneous soil environment: Are there preferential pathways for fungal spread?
Wilfred Otten, Kirsty Harris, Darroch Hall, Iain M. Young, Karl Ritz, and Christopher A. Gilligan

Occurrence of three distinct begomoviruses in cassava in Madagascar
S Ranomenjanahary, R Rabindran and DJ Robinson

Evidence for host differential resistance and pathogenic variability from interactions between Brassica juncea Albugo candida
J.A. Townsend, N.I. Nashaat, A.K. Shukla, J.N. Sachan, G.B. Pant

Distribution and genetic diversity of phytoplasmas associated with Sugarcane Yellow Leaf Syndrome in Cuba
Arocha, Y., Horta, D., Ruiz, M., Peralta, E. L. and Jones, P

Characterisation of finger millet blast pathogen populations in East Africa and strategies for disease management
J.P. Takan, S. Muthumeenakshi and S. Sreenivasaprasad

Rice blast pathogen population structure in West Africa for improved disease management
J. Chipili and S. Sreenivasaprasad

Towards understanding the diversity and epidemiology of Rhizoctonia species involved in rice sheath blight complex in Bangladesh: Molecular approaches
S. Muthmeenakshi and S. Sreenivasaprasad, N. R. Sharma, S. Akter, M. Rahman, M. A. Taher Mia, M. Nahar and A.E. Brown

Air pollution - an increasing threat to food production in the developing world
Marshall F M & te Lintelo D J H

Unravelling the molecular mechanisms of resistance in potato to Phytophthora infestans, the causal agent of late blight
Taleb N, Avrova A, Stewart H E, Cardle L, Jauffeerally-Fakim Y and Birch R P J