BSPP Presidential Meeting 2003

Plant Pathogen Genomics - From Sequence To Application

PH Gregory Talk Abstracts

PH1 Partial sequencing of an endophytic Fusarium oxysporum that mediates complex plant defense for Lycopersicon esculentum Mill
Idress H. Attitalla

PH2 Gene expression profiles in Blumeria graminis
Maike Both*, George Dimopoulos**, Mike Csukai# and Pietro Spanu*

PH3 Sequence analysis of the entire RNA genome of sugarcane yellow leaf luteovirus of an Indian isolate
R.K.Gaur, G.P.Rao, Maneesha Singh & Axel T. Lehrer

PH4 Antioxidants in Blumeria graminis and Magnaporthe grisea
Catherine Henderson

PH5 The dual role of peroxisomes in Magnaporthe grisea pathogenicity
Marilou Ramos-Pamplona, Shanthi Soundararajan and Naweed Isaak Naqvi

PH6 Bacterial Communication: the Role of luxS in a Plant and an Animal Pathogen
Sarah Coulthurst

PH7 Investigating the role of trehalose metabolism in pathogenicity of the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe grisea
Joanna M. Jenkinson & Nicholas J. Talbot

PH8 Symptomless Stagonospora nodorum - the 'disappearance' of glume blotch of wheat
Sarah Bearchell

PH9 On the origins of Verticillium isolates associated with crucifers
Emily Clewes

Additional short talk

ATR13: An avirulence gene from Peronospora parasitica
Rebecca L. Allen, Peter Bittner-Eddy, Laura Grenville, Anne P Rehmany, Sharon Hall and Jim Beynon
HRI Wellesbourne, Warwick, UK