BSPP Presidential Meeting 2003

Plant Pathogen Genomics - From Sequence To Application

Poster Abstracts

PP1 Identification of race-specific avirulence genes in Phytophthora infestans by transciptional profiling
Rays H.Y. Jiang, Guo Jun, Lars Kamphuis and Francine Govers

PP2 A proteomic approach to investigate the infection process of Phytophthora infestans
Pieter van West, Laura J. Grenville, Catherine R. Taylor, Anna Avrova, Alison Williams, & Paul R.J. Birch

PP3 Sigatoka Forensics
Skye Thomas-Hall, Susan Porchun, Juliane Henderson, Julie Pattemore & Elizabeth Aitken

PP4 Downy mildew genomics: identification and functional analysis of genes encoding secreted proteins
Posthuma, K., Elberse, J., Weisbeek, P. and Van den Ackerveken, G.

PP5 Molecular Characterization of Potyvirus infecting sugarcane in India
R.K.Gaur, G.P.Rao and Maneesha Singh

PP6 Secondary metabolism and avirulence in Magnaporthe grisea: is ACE part of an avirulence gene cluster?
Heidi U. Bhnert, Anne-Elodie Houlle, Laurent Camborde and Marc-Henri Lebrun.

PP7 Microarray data-mining and RNA expression profile of Arabidopsis thaliana glucosyltransferases induced by pathogen challenge
Claire Gachon, Mathilde Langlois-Meurinne, Patrick Saindrenan

PP8 Identifying expressed sequences within a Peronospora parasitica (At) BAC contig spanning an avirulence gene locus
Anne P. Rehmany and Jim L. Beynon

PP9 Genetic and physiological analysis of mutations in wheat showing enhanced adult plant resistance to yellow rust
James P.E. Melichar, Simon Berry, Mike Field, Lesley. A. Boyd

PP10 Curing native plasmids in Pseudomonas syringae pathovar pisi to identify pathogenicity determinants
Butcher, D., Jackson, R.W., Roberts, S.J., Vivian, A. and Arnold, D.L.

PP11 Gene identification in the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora parasitica by expressed sequence tag analysis
Franck Panabires, Jo-Yanne Le Berre, Paul Venard and Pierre Abad

PP12 Quorum Sensing in Bacterial Plant and Animal Pathogens: the Role of luxS
Sarah J. Coulthurst, C. Lopold Kurz, Graham Plastow & George P.C. Salmond

PP13 Non-host resistance in Arabidopsis against wheat powdery mildew
Yun B-W., Atkinson H., Gaborit C., Greenland A., Read N., Pallas J.A. and Loake G.J.

PP14 Studies on cultural characteristics and nitrogen assimilation in Macrophomina phaseolina infecting cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba)
Sharmishtha Purkayastha, Bhavneet Kaur, Neeraj Dilbaghi, J. Brian Power, Michael R. Davey & Ashok Chaudhury

PP15 Tissue culture of Lilium and its applications in fungal resistance
Gracia C. Ribas-Vargas, Michael R. Davey and J. Brian Power

PP16 Integrative and conjugative elements: A possible role in transmission of pathogenicity factors in Pseudomonads
Pitman, A. R., Jackson, R. W., Mansfield, J. W., Vivian, A, & Arnold, D. L

PP17 Transcription profiling of the Mycosphaerella graminicola (Septoria tritici) - Wheat interaction
John Keon, John Hargreaves, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, & John Antoniw 

PP18 The powdery mildew fungus From genomics to proteomics
Carsten Pedersen, Ziguo Zhang, Gerhard Saalbach & Hans Thordal-Christensen

PP19 Unravelling the genetics of durable resistance to Puccinia striiformis f.sp tritici
C M Lewis, R M D Koebner & L A Boyd

PP20 Endochitinase - a potential gene for phylogenetic studies in Trichoderma
H.P.Narra, A.Culham and R.T.V.Fox

PP21 Metal transporters in Blumeria graminis f.sp. hordei, the barley powdery mildew
Alice Smith, J.L. Hall & Lorraine E. Williams

PP22 Coordinated expression of Type III secretion system genes and effector proteins in Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicaola
R Thwaites, P Spanu, C Stevens & JW Mansfield

PP23 Cytokinins as Modulators of Plant Defence Responses
Thea K. Davies & Paul Kenton

PP24 Transmembrane Transport of Salicylate
Andrew Clarke, Robert M. Darby  & Paul Kenton

PP25 Characterisation and Marker-aided Selection of eyespot Resistance in wheat
Natalie Chapman, P. Nicholson & R.M.D. Koebner

PP26 Functional genomics of Pasteuria penetrans, a bacterial parasite of plant-parasitic nematodes
Keith G. Davies, Andrew Warry, Jenora Waterman, David McK. Bird & Charlie H. Opperman

PP27 DiGE Analysis of the Regulation and Secretion of Virulence Factors in Erwinia carotovora subspecies atroseptica
Mark Corbett, Sam Virtue, Kathryn Lilley & George Salmond

PP28 Metabolic fingerprinting and profiling discriminates between resistant and susceptible interactions involving the rice blast pathogen Magnaporthe grisea and Brachypodium distachyon
Allwood, J. W., Ellis  I. D., Heald, J. K., Draper, J.; Goodacre, R.  & Mur, L. A. J.

PP29 Development of phoma canker (Leptosphaeria maculans) on stems of winter oilseed rape in England in relation to thermal time
Bruce D. L. Fitt, Ping Sun, Julie M. Steed, Claudia T. Underwood & Jonathan S. West

PP30 Relations between light leaf spot (Pyrenopeziza brassicae), pod canopy size and winter oilseed rape yield in England
Bruce D. L. Fitt, Gavin D. Lunn, Julie M. Steed, Andreas Baierl, Neal Evans & Peter Gladders

PP31 Appressorium and germinating cyst-specific gene discovery in Phytophthora infestans
Anna Avrova, Steve Whisson, Laura Grenville, Pieter van West & Paul Birch

PP32 A candidate Avr3 gene from Phytophthora infestans
Steve Whisson, Miles Armstrong, Sophien Kamoun, Anne Rehmany, Jim Beynon, Anna Avrova, Paul Birch

PP33 Regulation of infection plaque formation in Tapesia spp. the cereal eyespot fungi
Kerry Maguire, Matthew Dickinson, Paul Bowyer, John Lucas & Kim Hammond-Kosack

PP34 Expression of a WKRY-like transcription factor in potato roots in response to infection by potato cyst nematodes (PCN)
Blok, V.C., Armstrong, M., Phillips, M.S., Paterson, A., Young, V., Avrova, A. & Birch, P.

PP35 Mode of Action Studies of Quinoxyfen, a highly efficacious barley powdery mildewicide
Susannah Lee

PP36 Stem canker of oilseed rape: molecular tools and mathematical modelling to deploy durable resistance
Neal Evans, Bruce Fitt, Frank van den Bosch, Maria Eckert, Yong-Ju Huang, Stephane Pietravalle, Zbigniew Karolewski, Thierry Rouxel. Marie-Helene Balesdent, Simon Ross, Lilian Gout, Hortense Brun, Didier Andrivon, Lydia Bousset, Peter Gladders, Xavier Pinochet, Annette Penaud, Malgorzata Jedryczka, Piotr Kachlicki, Anna Stachowiak, Julia Olechnowicz, Anna Podlesna, Ingrid Happstadius, Jan Meyer & Michel Renard

PP37 Genetic analysis of disease susceptibility in the Arabidopsis thaliana-Peronospora parasitica interaction
Van Damme M, Andel A, Huibers R, Weisbeek P, & Van den Ackerveken G.

PP38 Molecular aspects of pathogenicity of Clavibacter michiganensis ssp. sepedonicus
I. Holtsmark, G. D. Mantzilas, V. Eijsink, M.B. Brurberg

PP39 Mutagenesis and phenotypic analysis of all potential glycosylation sites in the Cf-9 resistance protein
Brande B.H. Wulff, Susana Rivas, Renier A.L. Van der Hoorn, Pierre J. G. M. de Wit & Jonathan D.G. Jones

PP40 Saponin Glycosyl Hydrolases as Virulence Determinants in Septoria lycopersici
Diaz-P. N., Bouarab K., Melton R., Carter J. and Osbourn A.

PP41 Novel developmental processes associated with infection of roots by the rice blast fungus
Ane Sesma and Anne E. Osbourn

PP42 Genetic diversity in the perennial ryegrass crown rust pathogen Puccinia coronata Corda f. sp. lolii
J.W. Forster, J.L. Dumsday, N.M McFarlane, R.S. Olle, J. Batley, N.O.I. Cogan, K.F. Smith