BSPP Plant Pathology Promotion Fund

The British Society for Plant Pathology wishes to promote an understanding and awareness of the importance of Plant Pathology to a wider audience than its membership. To that end it has established a fund for the Promotion of Plant Pathology. Applications for grants of up to a maximum of £2000 will be considered for projects that have as their aim the stimulation of interest in, and knowledge and awareness of, Plant Pathology to people who do not normally come into contact with the subject. 

The projects can be parts of larger efforts for the promotion of the public understanding of science but should specifically address the role, function and activities of Plant Pathology. It is anticipated that central to any proposal will be the generation of resources/posters/displays and it is hoped that, where possible and appropriate, such resources should be made available to other members of the BSPP for similar promotional purposes. Application to the Fund is open to all members of the BSPP and should be made on the form from the download links below. Routes to implementation and the context in which the resources will be used should be made clear. Links with other professionals and organisations are encouraged and details of these links should be included in the application. 

Decisions on applications will be made by the BSPP Board which meets four times a year, and applications to be considered should be received at least two weeks before each meeting. A report to the Board and an article for the Newsletter on the activities funded is a condition of awarding a grant.

You can apply to the Plant Pathology Promotion Fund by downloading an application form in MS Word or Acrobat Reader formats below.
bsppprom.doc (MS Word 39kb)
bsppprom.pdf (Acrobat Reader 24kb)

Completed forms must be returned by email to: with signed copies by mail or fax to our current publicity officer.