BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursary Fund

The undergraduate vacation bursary is open to all BSPP members and will provide modest support for work on specified research projects during the summer vacation. The objective of the bursaries is to provide undergraduates considering a research career with some practical experience in a plant pathology laboratory and to assist supervisors to meet some specific research objectives.

Applications are invited from supervisors on behalf of an identified student. Students should be in the middle year(s) of their degree course and each BSPP member will be restricted to making a single application annually. Bursaries will be awarded on a competitive basis.

Insurance cover for BSPP-supported bursaries is the responsibility of the institution hosting the student. Such cover indemnifies any insurance claims on the BSPP during the tenure of the awards.

The bursary is not transferable and students will receive a sum of 200 pounds sterling per week to cover their living expenses. A sum of 500 pounds sterling will also be provided for consumables. Bursaries will be for a maximum of 10 weeks and a minimum of 8 weeks. In the event of a successful application, cheques will be made payable to the institution in which the student will work who should arrange payment weekly in arrears subject to satisfactory attendance and performance. The final payment should be made only after a short report (500 words maximum), completed by the student, has been submitted to BSPP via the supervisor. For details on the format of this report see instructions for busary fund authors and examples that were condensed for BSPP News.

You can apply for an undergraduate vacation bursary by downloading an application form in MS Word below.
bsppvac.docx (MS Word 104kb)

This form must be returned by 1 April in 2 formats:

  1. by email, sent to
  2. by post, with a printed form sent to the address listed on our board members page for our 'education officer'

Notification of the results of applications will be made after consideration by the Education sub-committee of BSPP Board.

Student Bursaries Awarded 2016

Applicant: Mark Banfield, John Innes Centre
Title: Rice sHMA proteins as virulence targets of rice blast effectors, and their evolutionary relationship to integrated domains in rice NLRs
Student: Thomas Gate

Applicant: Laurence Bindschedler, Royal Holloway
Title: In planta silencing with short antisense oligoNTs as a new tool to confirm fungal virulence factors of the obligate pathogen barley powdery mildew
Student: Sienna Brown

Applicant: Davide Bulgarelli James Hutton Institute
Title: Deciphering the cross-talk between growth and microbiota recognition at the root-soil interface
Student: Manuel Blank

Applicant: Michael Deeks, Exeter
Title: Characterisation of phytopathogen-targeted secretion pathways in wheat
Student: Kirsten Field

Applicant: Chris Dutton, Sheffield
Title: Investigating a novel antobiotic from plant stomata
Student: Grace Wardell

Applicant: Sebastian Eves-van den Akker, Dundee
Title: Genome assembly improvement for plant-nematodes using ultra-long read Nanopore MinION sequencing
Student: Simon Bajew

Applicant: Sarah Green, Forest Research
Title: Phytophthora diversity in plant nurseries and associated woodland ecosystems
Student: Jessica Nirkko

Applicant: Ethan Hack, Newcastle
Title: Investigation of the mecahnism of biological control of spot blotch disease by Trichdermas harzianum T-22
Student: James Fortune

Applicant: Claire Drurey, John Innes Centre
Title: Investigation of aphid detection in Arabidopsis thaliana
Student: James Canham

Applicant: Yongju Huang, Hertfordshire
Title: Identification of avirulent alleles of pathogen effector genes in UK Leptosphaeria maculans (phoma stem canker) populations
Student: Winnie Lee

Applicant: Robert Jackson, Reading
Title: Collection and characterization of native bacteriophage; a potential novel biocontrol agent of bacterial canker of Prunus
Student: Billy Quilty

Applicant: David Kenyon, SASA
Title: Testing the detection of Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum in Trioza apicalis and Cavariella aegopodii
Student: Mhairi Clark

Applicant: Adam Kleczkowski & Gerry Saddler, Stirling
Title: A few bad potatoes: Modelling economic aspects of disease control in seed potatoes
Student: Benjamin Bumpus

Applicant: Wing Sham Lee, Rothamsted
Title: Investigating the effect of phenolic acids present in wheat cell walls on growth of the pathogenic fungi Zymoseptoria tritici and Fusarium graminearum
Student: Eleanor Horner

Applicant: Estrella Luna-Diez, Sheffield
Title: Unravelling the mechanisms driving induced resistance in tomato fruit
Student: Sam Paplauskas

Applicant: Vanessa McMillan, Rothamsted
Title: Modelling take-all disease epidemics in winter wheat
Student: Rhiannon Brown

Applicant: Georgia Mitrousia, Hertfordshire
Title: Characterisation of host responses triggered by the fungal pathogens causing phoma stem canker on oilseed rape
Student: Vanessa Waite

Applicant: Attila Molnar, Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences, Edinburgh
Title: Understanding virus-induced symptoms
Student: Lila Grandgeorge

Applicant: Alex Murphy, Cambridge
Title: PAYBACK: Do plant viruses compensate their hosts by helping attract pollinators?
Student: Chay Halliwell

Applicant: Christopher Ridout, John Innes Centre
Title: The role of mlo in plant immunity and its effects on mycorrhizal colonization
Student: Roshani Badgami

Applicant: Gillian Young, Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute, Belfast
Title: Development of a method for crown rust inoculation for use in grass breeding in N. Ireland
Student: Nigel McKee

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