DATA ON PLANT VIRUSES: A NEW CD-ROM RESOURCE MJ ADAMSl, JF ANTONIWl, H BARKER2, DJ ROBINSON2, AT JONES2 and AF MURANT2 lIACR-Rothamsted, Harpenden, Herts ALS 2JQ, UK; 2Scottish Crop Research Institute, lnvergowrie, Dundee DD2 SDA, UK Background and objectives For many years the Descriptions of Plant Viruses published by the Association of Applied Biologists (in earlier years in association with CMI) have been a standard reference source for plant virologists throughout the world. The first set of Descriptions appeared in June 1970[1] and by the end of 1989, 22 sets with a total of 354 Descriptions had been produced. There has been a pause in the production of new or revised Descriptions since 1989 but they are now being reissued on CD-ROM in association with up to date taxonomic and genomic information and software for genome display and analysis. Results and conclusions Data on Plant Viruses is a WindowsTM program (versions 3.1 or later) and the current version contains the following five features: 1. A database listing all plant viruses and viroids classified by the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV), assigned to their genera and families. 2. Short descriptions of each family, genus and type member emphasising their taxonomic position and genome organisation. 3.The complete text and figures of all the Descriptions previously issued (excepting a few that have been superseded) and a set of new Descriptions. 4. Interactive software that displays the principal features of plant virus genomes with sequences and examples for all type members and all viruses covered by the Descriptions whenever that sequence data is available. 5. A complete list of all plant virus and viroid sequences available from the EMBL or Genbank databases, classified by species and genus. The project has been sponsored by the Association of Applied Biologists in co-operation with IACR-Rothamsted and the Scottish Crop Research Institute. It now provides a reasonably priced, authoritatively edited product that will appeal both to individual subscribers and also to libraries. It is intended to produce updated versions of the program at approximately 2-year intervals, which will contain additional Descriptions, revised versions of existing Descriptions, colour illustrations as replacements for black and white ones, new and improved software especially for manipulation of virus sequences and incorporating the latest taxonomic revisions. Purchasers of the first CDROM will be able to exchange their copies for subsequent versions at a substantial discount. We thank the Association of Applied Biologists and especially Phi] Jones, the convenor of the Virology Group, for the help and encouragement given to this project. References [1] Gibbs AJ, Harrison BD, Murant AF, eds, 1970. CMI/AAB Descriptions of Plant Viruses Set 1. Kew, England: Commonwealth Mycological Institute and the Association of Applied Biologists.