ELECTRONIC INFORMATION FOR PLANT PATHOLOGISTS FROM CAB- INTERNATIONAL JA BRUNT and L BREINHOLT CAB-INTERNATIONAL, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 8DE, UK. CAB INTERNATIONAL has been providing information for plant pathologists for more than 75 years in the form of the familiar journals Review of Plant Pathology and Nematological Abstracts, distribution maps, descriptions of fungi and bacteria, books and other printed products. Developments in information technology now mean that not only can information be gathered and processed much more efficiently, but also that it can be disseminated in a variety of electronic formats designed to suit the end-user. Bibliographic plant pathology information from CAB-INTERNATIONAL is available on CD-ROM (CABPESTCD and PlantPathCD), on floppy disk, and via the internet (Pest CABWeb). This bibliographic information includes references to the world literature on all aspects of plant pathology, with most records including a detailed, informative abstract and indexed in depth by subject specialists. information from more than 130 countries is included. Up to 25 years of archival information is available. The various formats offer the user different volumes of information and means of access. Descriptions of fungi and bacteria are also available through the Pest CABWeb service. CAB-INTERNATIONAL's Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases and Pests are compiled electronically, enhancing the quantity of information that can be conveyed in the maps and the way in which it is presented. Complete information resources for plant pathologist are also produced by CAB-INTERNATIONAL and continue to be developed. Examples include the Root-Knot Nematode Taxonomic Database on CD-ROM and the Crop Protection Compendium.