THE CROP PROTECTION COMPENDIUM P NEENAN, H CROWSON and JA BRUNT CAB-INTERNATIONAL, Waiiingford, Oxon OX1 0 8DE, UK. CAB INTERNATIONAL!s Crop Protection Compendium (CPC) is a multi-media, integrated information resource, designed to enable scientists to take a more mult-disciplinary approach to the problems of crop protection. The data, which is presented on CD-ROM, includes text, illustrations, a GIS, diagnostic keys, a glossary and an extensive bibliography, in a relational database structure. There are many routes by which the data can be accessed, and it has been designed to provide a user-friendly basis for browsing as well as for performing specific searches. Module 1 of the CPC was published in May 1997, and contains detailed information on approximately 1000 pests, pathogens and weeds (and outline data on another 20,000), hosts, natural enemies, and their distribution. The development of the CPC was funded by a Development Consortium and it is updated annually. The first update of the Crop Protection Compendium was published in May 1998 and, in addition to updates of existing information, has a number of new features. A key addition is the Database of Seedborne Diseases, an authoritative database of information on seed pathology developed by CAB-INTERNATIONAL in collaboration with Iowa State University and the Danish Government Institute of Seed Pathology for Developing Countries. The Database on Seedborne Diseases includes detailed information on more than 200 seedborne pathogens. A Pathogen Identification Aid has also been added. In early 1999, the Global Crop Protection Compendium will be published. It will include detailed information on a further 1000 pests. The technology supporting the CPC is continually being updated and work is underway to migrate the CPC to the lnternet.