MANAGEMENT OF BEAN ROOT ROT IN UGANDA DR. FINA OPIO Namulonge Research Institute, P.O. Box 7084, Kampala, Uganda Background Bean root rot is the most important disease affecting beans in South Western Uganda [1]. The disease has resulted in complete loss of the crop in some areas. At the moment there is urgent need to look for means of reducing the disease and revitalizing bean production. The main objective of this study was to identify control measures that can reduce the disease on farmers fields. Materials and methods A rapid rural appraisal was carried out to determine the incidence of the disease and identify the disease causing organisms. Experiments set up included (i) integrated disease management, (ii) varietal resistance and (iii) combination of (i) and (ii). The experimental design in (i) and (iii) was a split plot while in (ii) the design was a randomized block design. Results and conclusions The disease incidence in the district ranged between 80-100% on farmers fields. It was noted 75% of the affected crops were affected by Pythium spp alone. The other 25 % was a combination of Pythium spp with one or both of the following: Fusarium solani <1/i> and Rhizoctonia spp . The use of soil organic amendments such as farm yard manure, green manure and earthing up was only effective where the disease was not very severe when a susceptible variety was used. Where die incidence was high, then these treatments were not effective. The most tolerant varieties identified were RWR 179, MLB 49/89A, G2333, Flora and Vunikingi. A combination of farm yard manure, earthing up and tolerant varieties; and tolerant varieties with seed dressing with fungicide and insecticide gave the highest yield of 2 tons per hactare as compared to tolerant varieties and green manure that gave a yield of 0.7 tons per ha only. It was therefore concluded that an integrated disease management strategy involving tolerant varieties, farm yard manure and earthing up be adopted in order to reduce the disease in South Western Uganda. Reference 1 . Wortmann, C.S. and D.J. Allen, 1994. Network on Bean Research in Africa, Occasional Paper Series No. 11, Dares Salaam, Tanzania.