Warwick 2018: Imaging plant-microbe interactions

Scarman House Conference Centre, University of Warwick
10- 11 December 2018

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Two day meeting focusing on imaging of plant microbe interactions, with nine invited speakers, presidential address by Murray Grant and twelve offered talks. Wide-ranging talks from leading scientists and early career researchers. Learn about the latest scientific and technology developments in imaging, in the excellent Scarman Conference Centre. Poster session and conference dinner (Monday). Prizes for best offered talk (PH Gregory award) and postgraduate poster (J Colhoun award).

Registration is now open for the 2018 BSPP Presidential meeting, to be held from 10 - 11 December 2018 at the Scarman House Conference Centre, University of Warwick.

Registration is now closed

Despite accumulating vast amounts of "omics" data associated with plant disease and defense responses, we are only just beginning to translate that information into understanding the dynamics of host-pathogen responses at the cellular and sub-cellular level. This meeting will showcase current and emerging imaging techniques that are being applied to reveal new insights into how plant pathogen infections establish or are prevented. This is a timely opportunity to learn about state-of-the art approaches to imaging infection processes, addressing both establishment of infection apparatus and inter-organellar communication.

Monday 10 December A botanist turned molecular biologist masquerading as a plant pathologist MURRAY GRANT (BSPP President). Inter-organellar communication during innate immunity DINESH KUMAR (UC Davis, US). Molecular arms race across the plant-pathogen interface: How the Irish potato famine pathogen subverts plant focal immunity TOLGAR BOZKURT (Imperial College, UK). Specialised receptor signalling in plasmodesmal membranes CHRISTINE FAULKNER (John Innes Centre, UK). Coupling of the plant cytoskeleton to trafficking at sites of immune response MIKE DEEKS (University of Exeter, UK). Fluorescent sensing of subcellular plant physiology and pathology in vivo MARKUS SCHWARZLANDER (University of Munster, Germany). Studying the evolution of macromolecular machines using high-throughput electron cryo-tomography MORGAN BEEBY (Imperial College, UK).

Tuesday 11 December Seeing is believing: imaging disease progression during plant-pathogen interactions DARRELL DESVEAUX (University of Toronto, Canada and Canadian Phytopathological Society). Investigating the biology of plant tissue invasion by the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae NICK TALBOT (The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK). Targeting to a non-conventional secretory pathway by the conserved RXLR motif is essential for translocation of Phytophthora RXLR effectors PETRA BOEVINK (James Hutton Institute, UK). Meeting ends at 15:30.
There are a limited number of slots available for offered oral presentations. Abstracts of talks are invited from all researchers, including graduates and postgraduates, working on imaging of pathogen and beneficial microbe interactions, from the whole plant to the nano-scale.

Abstracts should be a maximum of 500 words, excluding title and authors' names. Talks that are not accepted for oral presentation may be displayed as posters. Direct offers of posters are also welcomed.  Send all offered contributions to: meetings@bspp.org.uk.

There are two awards made at the president's meeting. The PH Gregory award for oral presentations, with a prize of £250. Those eligible include all BSPP members who have not previously presented a paper to a meeting of a learned society and all registered postgraduate students, whether or not they are members or have previously presented a paper.

The J Colhoun postgraduate poster award has a prize of £100. Both award winners will receive certificates. If you wish to submit an entry to either of these competitions, please send an abstract for your talk (as above) or title and author name(s) of your poster.

Send all offered contributions to: meetings@bspp.org.uk.

Closing date is 25th October 2018.

Confirmed oral and poster presentations will be announced shortly after the closing date.

Registration is now closed