Figure 6. Southern hybridization analysis of cotton leaf crumple virus (CLCrV) and cotton leaf curl virus (CLCuV) DNA A with enhanced chemiluminscent probes. Plasmids pCLCrVL, pCLCrVU, pCLCuVL, and pCLCuVU were digested with restriction enzymes to release the viral DNA inserts. Gel fractionated DNA fragments (A, ethidium bromide stained gel) were hybridized with different Fluorescein-dUTP labeled probes at either low stringency conditions (B) or high stringency conditions (C). Sources of viral DNA fragments are indicated on the top of each lane. Hybridization probes are indicated on top of each panel. An additional hybridized band in B, panel 2 is resulting from cross reaction of PCR probes with incompletely digested plasmid DNA.