mppol/1997/0623gayler Figure 4 A

Figure 4. Elicitin specific hybridisation of Pythium genomic DNAs

Southern blots of genomic DNA (4 µg) from Pythium vexans (Py. vex.), Pythium ostracodes (Py. ost.), Pythium arrhenomanes (Py. arr.), Pythium graminicola (Py. gra.), Pythium myriotylum (Py. myr.) or Phytophthora cryptogea (Ph. cry.) digested with either EcoRI (E) or BamHI (B) or no enzyme (U). Blots were hybridised with A. 309bp of cryptogein coding region, B. 213bp of Vex2 coding region and C. 705bp of actinA coding region respectively. DNA sizes (Kb) are marked.