Relationships amongst barley and oat infecting isolates of Pyrenophora spp. based on sequences of the internal transcribed spacer regions of ribosomal DNA Figure 2

Figure 2: Ethidium bromide stained 1% agarose gel showing DNA amplification of Pyrenophora spp. and a fungal saprophyte with primers ITS4 & ITS5. Lanes 1 & 2: P. graminea Lanes 3 & 4: P. teres f. sp. teres Lanes 5 & 6: P. teres f. sp. maculata Lane 7: P. avenae Lane 8: fungal saprophyte isolated from barley seed Lane 9: Negative Control (No DNA template in PCR reaction) Lane 10: 100 bp DNA ladder

(Stevens EA, Blakemore EJA and Reeves JC)