Figure 1. Screeing for L. maculans-inducible clones. In the example, duplicate filters were spotted with equal volumes of PCR-derived cDNA inserts (see Methods for details). Filters were hybridized using DIG-labeled cDNA populations from either uninoculated or L. maculans-inoculated B. napus leaves. Examples of cDNAs hybridizing more strongly with probe from fungal-inoculated leaves are circled. As controls, all filters included the following cDNA inserts: DH27-11(GenBank AA960723) encoding phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL), DH28-11 (AA960724), encoding the Lhcb1 chlorophyll a/b binding protein (Cab), and the B. napus PR1 cDNA (U64806).

Fristensky et al.