Figure 3. Example of a check for clones derived from fungal mRNA. For each cDNA clone equal volumes of PCR-generated insert was spotted at identical array positions on two filters. Filters were hybridized with DIG-labeled genomic DNA from either L. maculans or B. napus. As controls, L. maculans and B. napus genomic DNA, along with the L. maculans nitrate reductase gene (NR) [GenBank U04445, Williams et al. 1994] were spotted in the right column of the array. For comparison, clones hybridizing with the B. napus genomic probe are marked on both blots as follows: A: MB67-76, B: MB68-1D; C: MB70-9C; D: MB72-2H; E: MB72-5G; F: MB74-9F; G: MB75-2H; H: MB75-4A; X: hybridization artifacts not aligned with a specific row or column. All clones were checked in two independent hybridizations.

Fristensky et al.