Lotrakul & Valverde Figure 6

Figure 6 Phylogenetic tree showing the relationship of SPLCV-US with other geminiviruses based on the multiple alignment of derived AC1 amino acid sequences using programs in Clustal W package version 1.7. The tree was constructed using Seqboot, Propars, and Consense programs in the PHYLIP package version 3.5c. Analysis of the 100 trees constructed resulted in only one most parsimonious tree. Along each internal branch bootstrap number in which the given branch is supported is shown with the 50% majority-rule. Vertical and horizontal branch lengths are arbitrary. The subgoup II geminivius, beet curly top virus (BCTV), was used as an outgroup. The four-digit number listed after each abbreviated name is its Genbank accession no. The full names and accession numbers are listed in Table 1.

Lotakul and Valverde.