Science Communication training

10 Apr 2018

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Pitching your presentation at the right level is key to engaging non-specialist audiences. This was just one of the many take-home messages covered in a very interactive Science Communication Workshop, run by BSPP’s outreach officer, in Nottingham once the joint BSPP / BMS presidential meeting had drawn to a close. Mark Lynas’s keynote had set the scene well on the Monday evening remarking that  “scientists don’t communicate enough with the public” and 2 days later there was the chance to get some practical training, from a seasoned pro.

The training was designed to help scientists feel better equipped to make that leap and help inspire the next generation of plant pathologists or speak more effectively to any non-specialist audience. All participants engaged fully with the workshop and were rewarded with pizza before their journeys home. One great bit of feedback wished the session to have been longer, but we all had homes to go to, so it was goodbye to Nottingham.

Let us know if you would a similar opportunity at this years meeting or possibly a future MBPP (