What is happening with BSPP Outreach in 2014?

16 Dec 2013

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Over the past couple of months we’ve been working hard on planning our outreach activities for next year. There will be lots going on and equally lots of ways to get involved.



We will be running the Plant Doctor stand a series of events, including: 




We will be building on the resources recently uploaded onto the Education Page by putting together secondary school and sixth form level resources.

We will be putting together a careers resource showing the broad range of careers available in plant pathology. We will also be making a short video to explain to secondary school/sixth form/university students what being a plant pathologist is all about.

Students will be invited to do work experience placements and ask questions about plant pathology careers.

BSPP School membership

The team is setting up a scheme for BSPP members to enable them to go into their local school and use our educational resources. Schools involved will become school members, and receive regular updates on events, resources and activities.


We are looking forward to the next internship starting in January: Odette Wills, a BBSRC PhD student at the University of Exeter.

We are looking for a second student to complete an internship in the spring – summer 2014.

How to get involved

1. Volunteer at our 2014 events.

2. Contact us to complete the careers questionnaire to help us produce job profiles.

3. Contact us if you’re interested in going into your local school and using BSPP educational resources.

4. Help recruit an internship student for 2014 by distributing information above.

5. Follow @BS_PP on Twitter for updates and to stay in touch.

6. Please also get in touch if you have any ideas of questions about outreach. 

Katie Tomlinson (BSPP Outreach Officer)