Prof John Lucas - BSPP President

Richard Cooper

John Lucas is currently Head of the Plant Pathology Division at the Institute of Arable Crops Research (IACR) in the UK. The work there covers a wide range of strategic and applied research programmes, with the main emphasis on the major diseases of cereal and oilseed crops. The ultimate goal of this research is improved methods of disease detection, prediction and management.

Previously John was a senior lecturer in the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Nottingham. He gained his first degree and PhD at the University of Exeter, and subsequently worked at the Universities of Keele and Newcastle upon Tyne before moving to Nottingham. John also spent two periods as a postdoctoral scientist at the University of California, Riverside working on diseases of tobacco, citrus and avocado. His publications include original research articles and reviews on plant pathogenic fungi, fungicides, and plant biotechnology, as well as an undergraduate text, and edited volumes on Phytophthora and Septoria diseases.