Professor Roger Plumb - BSPP Treasurer

Roger Plumb

Roger Plumb. B.Sc. (Botany) University of Southampton 1965; Ph. D. Plant Pathology, University of Southampton, 1969. Thesis title. Host-parasite interrelationships in Erysiphe graminis infection of wheat.

1968-1999: Rothamsted Experimental Station/ IACR-Rothamsted.

1978: Visiting Scientist Victorian Plant Research Institute, Australia

1984-1995: Head Of Plant Pathology Department

1991-1994: Head of Crop and Environment Protection Division

1994-1999: Deputy Director IACR-Rothamsted

1995-1999: Head of Crop and Disease Management Department

Special Professor in the Division of Plant Sciences, University of Nottingham

1999-present: Lawes Agricultural Trust Senior Fellow

Sometime membership secretary of BSPP

Interests: Disease epidemiology, especially viruses of temperate cereals(notably barley yellow dwarf viruses), grasses and forage legumes, mechanisms of virus transmission. Viruses of tropical crops including rice and Araceae.