BSPP News 30 Spring 1997 - Online Edition

The Newsletter of the British Society for Plant Pathology
Number 30, Spring 1997

New Members of BSPP

The British Society for Plant Pathology welcomes the following new members:

Dr Angela M Berrie who works at HRI, East Malling

Jaqueline M Broadhead, a postgraduate student at the JohnInnes Centre

Prof Jerzy Chelkowski from the Institute of Plant Genetics,Poland

Vivek Duggal, a postgraduate student with Graham Jellis atPBI, working on biotro phic fungal pathogens of cereals

Kaveh Emami, a postgraduate student at the Department ofBiological & Nutritional Sciences, University of Newcastle

Prof Gursel Erdiller, a virologist at Ankara University,Turkey

Ahmed Ismat Fahmi, a postgraduate student at IACR,Rothhamsted

Rocio Gomez-Vasquez, a postgraduate student at the School ofBiology and Biochemistry, University of Bath researching fungal and bacterialpatho gens of tropical crops

Susannah M Gourdin, a postgraduate student at the School ofBiology and Biochemistry at the University of Bath, researching resistance tofungal pathogens of tropical crops

Dr Helen Grogan, from HRI Wellesbourne, who works on fungalpathogens of mushrooms

Alison Hall, a postgraduate student in Oxford

Dr James B Heale, a Founder Member rejoining us from theLife Sciences Division, King's College, London where he researches molecularbiology of fungal pathogens in a range of crops

A J Hilton, a postgraduate student at Harper Adams,researching mechanisms of resistance to Fusarium ear blight of wheat

Dr Ahmed Nur Jama, researching fungal pathogens of cerealand vegetable crops at the Department of Agriculture, University of Reading

Zissis Katsiakis, at the Technical Education Institute ofLarissa, Greece

Ir Joke Klap, who works for a plant breeder in TheNetherlands and whose interests include pathogens of grass and fodder crops

Richard Leach, who works on necrotrophic fungal pathogens ofcereal and potato at CSL York

Joanne McDowell, a postgraduate student at Harper Adams

Jane Morris, who is working on molecular biology of viralpathogens at CSL, York

Dr Jesus Murillo, from the Laboratorio de Patologica Vegetalat the University of Navarra, Spain

Andrew Payne, a postgraduate student at IACR, Long Ashton

Emily Pryce-Jones, a postgraduate student at the Departmentof Plant Sciences, University of Oxford

Steven Preston, from CSL York, whose research interestsfungal pathogens of cereal and vegetable crops

Dr Suvi L H Viljanen, from Crop and Food Research inChristchurch, New Zealand whose research interests include mildews and rusts ofcereals and grain legumes

S J E West, who is at CIBA Agriculture

Dr Roger Williams, who is at the Department of PlantPathology and Microbiology, HRI Wellesbourne

Dr Kim von Weissenberg, from the Plant and Forest Pathologygroup at the University of Helsinki, Finland