BSPP News 30 Spring 1997 - Online Edition

The Newsletter of the British Society for Plant Pathology
Number 30, Spring 1997

Virtual Ex-President

There was to have been an end-of-year message from Peter Scott, BSPPPresident in 1996, in the last issue of the Newsletter, but there were gremlinsin the system and it did not appear. Peter's main headings were as follows. Manyof the points are picked up in this issue of the Newsletter, and you can readthe full version on BSPPweb.

1996 was a busy year for Council. There were significant developments inthree main areas:

A. BSPP is pioneering in the electronic era

There were major advances in:

  • BSPPweb
  • MMPOL, and electronic access to "Plant Pathology"
  • The Presidential Conference on "Unlocking the future - Informationtechnology in plant pathology"

B. Future financial strategy

A new Strategy Committee developed policies for using capital reserves anduncommitted annual surpluses. Major new opportunities have resulted:

  • Extra investment in electronic publishing
  • Extra Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries and Travel Awards
  • A new Innovation Fund and a new Fellowships Scheme
  • Extra support for ICPP98, including the Assistance fund (for attendance bymembers) and the Bursary fund (for delegates from developing countries)


1996 was a key year in the development of the programme, the localarrangements in Edinburgh and the financial infrastructure.