BSPP News 30 Spring 1997 - Online Edition

The Newsletter of the British Society for Plant Pathology
Number 30, Spring 1997

Molecular Plant Pathology On-Line

An international, peer-reviewed, on-line journal, edited and publishedby the British Society for Plant Pathology


  • All contributions are subject to rigorous refereeing and editing
  • Editing is the sole responsibility of BSPP (owners of "PlantPathology")
  • Articles therefore carry high value in publication lists


  • All communications take place electronically
  • Editors and referees undertake to respond quickly
  • Publication is through the World Wide Web, so the time normally taken toprint, bind and distribute (several months) is eliminated
  • The target is 7 weeks from submission to publication


  • Accessible at the desk/bench, from any Web-connected machine
  • On-screen browsing, including contents, abstracts, keywords, text
  • Powerful search and retrieval facilities
  • Interesting text can be printed for reading when convenient
  • Text and graphics can be downloaded

Technical versatility

  • Colour illustrations are encouraged
  • Moving images and sound bites are welcome
  • Extensive sequence data can be published and readily extracted for furtheranalysis


  • Costs are borne by BSPP as a service to plant pathology
  • Occupies no shelf space, yet immediately accessible from the archivemaintained by BSPP
  • No subscription to pay

Publication commenced in November 1996 and at the end of January 1997 fourhigh quality papers were accepted and published:

Volume "1996"

M J Gibbs, A Ziegler, D J Robinson, P M Waterhouse and J I Cooper.Carrot mottle mimic virus (CMoMV): A second umbravirus associated with carrotmotley dwarf disease recognised by nucleic acid hybridisation. 1996/1111gibbs

G M Ballance, L Lamari, R Kowatsch and C C Bernier. Cloning,expression and occurrence of the gene encoding the ptr necrosis toxin from Pyrenophoratritici-repentis. 1996/ 1209ballance

Volume "1997"

M Fuchs, S Ferreira, D Gonsalves. Management of VirusDiseases by Classical and Engineered Protection. 1997/0116fuchs

S Ueda, I Uyeda. The rice dwarf phytoreovirus structuralprotein P7 possesses non-specific nucleic acids binding activity in vitro.1997/0123ueda


MPPOL can be accessed with any web browser at: can be viewed either as title and abstract only, or as the full paper.Alternatively you may download the full paper including all grapics, figures andtables as a compressed zip file, or as a self- extracting compressed file whichcan then be viewed in any web browser off-line.


The recommended form of citation for a paper in Molecular Plant PathologyOn-Line is:

S Ueda, I Uyeda. The rice dwarf phytoreovirus structural protein P7possesses non-specific nucleic acids binding activity in vitro. MolecularPlant Pathology On-Line []1997/0123ueda.

There are no volume or page numbers as such. Instead, quote the locationwithin the journal as: 1996/1111gibbs. This unique location also indicates thedate of publication by year (1997), month (01) and day (23), and the name of thefirst author (ueda).The URL of the journal need not be quoted, just as thepublisher need not be quoted for a printed journal. However, to facilitateaccess, BSPP's recommendation is to add "[]"after "Molecular Plant Pathology On-Line".

We recommend this journal to you as a first choice for publishing yourhigh quality molecular plant pathology papers. Please copy this article to yourcolleagues to promote this venture and ensure its continued success.

Dr Peter R Scott, Dr Debra Whitehead, Dr Adrian C Newton

MPPOL senior editors