BSPP News 30 Spring 1997 - Online Edition

The Newsletter of the British Society for Plant Pathology
Number 30, Spring 1997

New Initiatives from BSPP

As part of a developing strategy to utilise more fully the Society'sfinancial resources for the benefit of the membership two new initiatives havebeen launched.

Innovation Fund

In order to flourish in a rapidly changing environment BSPP needs toencourage innovation. To this end a fund has been established in order tosupport innovative ideas proposed by members. Proposals must be in line with theSociety's objective (the advancement of education by the study of plantpathology in the UK and elsewhere). Preference will be given to proposals thatwill strengthen or develop the Society's programme of activities. Proposals musthave clear objectives and an end-point. Achievements must be measurable.

Projects must be completed within an agreed period. A report must beprepared on the work done and how well the objectives have been achieved.Reports will be presented to Council and may be published by the Society in itsnewsletter or by other means. Individual grants will not normally exceed halfthe annual amount available in the Fund (currently £5000). Recipients willbe able to apply for up to 75% of the amount awarded to be paid in advance. Theremaining 25% can be applied for on submission of the draft report.

Proposals will be considered twice a year by a committee whoserecommendations will be considered at the May and November Council meetings. Thecommittee comprises the President, President-elect and one ordinary member ofCouncil. Applications to the Innovation Fund should be addressed to thePresident.

Fellowship Scheme

The Society wishes to provide funds to stimulate and facilitate studies ortraining to the benefit of plant pathology. Funds have been made available tosupport a limited number of Fellowships of up to three months duration. Fellowswould normally be expected to work away from their habitual base.

Fellowships are open to all full members of the Society and are intended toprovide funds for travel, consumables and other necessary costs. The Fund is notintended to cover salaries, but subject to approval by the Fellowship Committee,money can be used to offset additional costs arising from the proposed project.

Grants will not normally exceed one quarter of the annual amount committedto the Fellowships Fund (currently £20,000). Fellows can apply for up to75% of the award to be paid in advance, with the remaining 25% being paid onsubmission of the draft report. The report must be submitted within one month ofcompletion of the assignment, stating how well the objectives have beenachieved. Reports will be presented to Council and may be published in theSociety's newsletter or by any other means.

Applicants should submit a detailed outline of the collaboration or projectfor which assistance is sought. Included in the application should be thescientific background to the work, clear aims and objectives, potential andintended benefits and the period of study. Applicants should include letters ofsupport from their employer and host institution, including costs broken down toshow travel and subsistence, consumables, overheads and any other relevantcosts. A full curriculum vitae of the applicant, with an outline ofresearch interests, should also be included.

The Fellowship Committee comprises the Vice-President and three members ofthe Society. Proposals will be considered twice a year by the FellowshipCommittee, whose recommendations will be presented to Council at the Februaryand July meetings. Applications to the Fellowship Scheme should be madeto the Vice-President.

Council hopes that members will feel that these two schemes provide valuableadditions to the services available from the Society. They are intended to buildon the successes of the Summer Studentships. The functioning of the schemes willbe kept under constant review. Council would welcome views from its members onthese or indeed any other activities of the Society.

Nigel Hardwick
BSPP President