BSPP News 31 Autumn 1997 - Online Edition

The Newsletter of the British Society for Plant Pathology
Number 31, Autumn 1997

New Members

The BSPP welcomes the following new members:

Mr Bruce Adie, a postgraduate student at HRI, Wellesbourne

Dr John Antoniw, from IACR, Rothamsted, whose interests include molecular virology and bioinformatics

Dr David Backhouse, at the Department of Crop Sciences in Sydney,Australia

Dr Fen Beed, based at ADAS Boxworth, whose interests include epidemiology of fungal pathogens of wheat

Miss Nicola C Berry, a student from the Horticulture Department ofthe University of Greenwich

Dr Paul R J Birch, from the Scottish Crop Research Insitute, Dundee,working on fungal molecular biology

Dr Clive H Bock, based in New Orleans, whose interests includefungal pathogens of sorghum, oilseed rape and cotton

Mr Ewen J Cartwright, from IACR Rothamsted, a molecular virologist developing computer software for the BSPP

Ms Dawn Fraser, from the Dept of Plant Pathology, North CarolinaState University, whose interests include population biology and epidemiologyof cereal fungal pathogens

Dr Oscar Grau, a plant pathologist based in Argentina

Dr W Clive James, who is based at Grand Cayman in the British WestIndies

Mr Polyvios Kyritsis, a postgraduate student from the Dept ofHorticulture and Landscape, Reading University, whose interests includedetection and control of fungal and bacterial pathogens

Mr Stephen Langrell, a postgraduate student at Wye Collegeresearching the molecular detection and epidemiology of N. galligena

Professor Fred Last, now retired but retaining links to theInstitute of Ecology and Resource Management at Edinburgh University, withinterests including epidemiology and physiology of biotrophic fungi

Mr Jose Fernando Mikan-Vegas, a postgraduate student at theUniversity of Bath, studying cereal fungal pathogens

Miss Lisa V Page, who is researching for her PhD at the HorticultureDepartment of SAC, Auchincruive

Mrs Jennifer M Rawson, a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham, studying molecular genetics of necrotrophic fungi in cereals

Mr Barry Rogers-Gray, a postgraduate student at the University ofReading.

Miss Ana Perez Sierra, an agricultural engineer based in Guildford

Ms Anne Sweetmore, a freelance researcher and editor

Local Representatives

BSPP membership has been fairly static over the last few years, at around700 members. While this is quite healthy, there is certainly room for anincrease. To help boost membership, I am seeking volunteers to act as BSPP local representatives around the UK.

The local representatives will be given a stock of BSPP promotionalmaterial, which can be passed to new recruits in their department or institute.Recruitment of existing colleagues who have, unaccountably, resisted the lure of BSPP membership will also be most welcome!

If you would like to act in this role, please get in touch with me

I would also like to thank those who have already agreed to act in thisrole:

James Brown John Innes Centre & Sainsbury Laboratory,Norwich
Fiona Burnett Scottish Agricultural College,Edinburgh
Tim Carver Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research,Aberystwyth
John Clement Harper Adams Agricultural College
John Davies ADAS
Matthew Dickinson Nottingham
Sarah Gurr Oxford
Graham Jellis Cambridge
John Mansfield Wye College
Peter Mercer Department of Agriculture for Northern Ireland
Rick Mumford Central Science Laboratory
Roger Plumb Institute of Arable Crops Research, Rothamsted
Michael Shaw Reading
Nicola Spence Horticultural Research International

Next year will see a substantial increase in the BSPP's profile. Let'smake it a substantial increase in membership too.

Kevin O'Donnell
BSPP Membership Secretary