BSPP News Spring 2000 - Online Edition

The Newsletter of the British Society for Plant Pathology
Number 36, Spring 2000 

Who does what on the BSPP board ?

Just over a year ago the BSPP became not only a registered charity but also a limited company. The Council has now been replaced by the Board of Directors. However the aim of the BSPP remains the same, to futher the study of Plant Pathology.

The Board meets four times a year in February, May, July and November. At present the Board consists of 18 members, of whom 13  are voting members.  The Board seeks to further the interests of the members of the Society and this is achieved mainly from the input of the members via their elected members on the Board.

There are six elected ordinary  board members and at the end of 2000, three ordinary Board members will be retiring after three years of service on the Board. Nomination forms will be sent out shortly, and the Board hopes that there will be many nominations for potential Board  members. If more than three nominations are received, then an election will be held.

In addition the Board will be seeking nominations for the post of Vice President. Whoever is elected will then serve on the Board for 3 years, one as Vice President, one as President-Elect and then finally for one year as President and Chair of the Board.

In time, vacancies will arise for Officers of the Board, who serve for a five year term. They are the Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary and Membership Secretary, all of whom are also voting members of the Board. The six ordinary  Board members also take on a responsibility whilst on the Board. The Education Committee, Publicity Committee and Electronic Communications Committee are all chaired by elected Board members. The Vice President and President-Elect also have additional responsibilities  for the administration of the Travel and Fellowship Funds. The Senior Editor of Plant Pathology, Editor in Chief of Molecular Plant Pathology, Senior Editor of New Disease Reports, Editor of the Newsletter, and the Webmaster all attend the Board meetings and enter into all discussions but do not have the right to vote (because they are responsible to the Board for the job that they do for the Society). The Archivist attends the Board once a year and is not a voting member.

The Board would like to see the members of the Society fully involved in the running of the Society. One way that this can happen is via nomination and election to the Board. So if you have any interest at all, seek nomination to the Board. If you are an isolated plant pathologist, then phone a phytopathological friend and ask them to nominate you. Don't be shy!!
Another way to be involved is to write or email to the President or Secretary with your ideas and suggestions, which are very welcome. If you feel that your particular area of Plant Pathology is poorly covered by the  Society then write to us and tell us!

Dr Avice Hall, Secretary