BSPP News Summer 2001 - Online Edition

The Newsletter of the British Society for Plant Pathology
Number 39, Summer 2001 

BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries 2001 

BSPP has awarded Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries to the following students to work in the lab of a BSPP member over the summer of 2001. Reports by the students on their projects will appear in the Spring 2002 issue of BSPP News. Details of how to apply for a BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursary for summer 2002 can be found in the BSPP web pages.

Thomas Winter, University of Cambridge, to work with George Salmond, University of Cambridge, on analysis of new quorum sensing gene loci by hybridisation, allelic exchange and mutagenesis in Erwinia carotovora.

Kulvinder Kaur, University of Oxford, to work with Peter Mills and Michael Challen, HRI Wellesbourne, on molecular characterisation of a novel dsRNA mushroom virus.

Susan Atwell, Imperial College at Wye, to work with Murray Grant, Imperial College at Wye, on genetic characterisation of resistance in Arabidopsis to important Brassica isolates of  Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris.

Catherine Eyre, University of Oxford, to work with Ziguo Zhang, University of Oxford, on powdery mildew: coping with the hostile environment of the plant.

Carolyn Green, University of Paisley, to work with Julie Eastgate, University of Paisley, on studies into the interaction between the phytopathogen Erwinia amylovora and cultured apple cells.

Martin Croft, University of Birmingham, to work with Clive Bock, IACR-Rothamsted, on the fitness cost of fungicide resistance in Rhychosporium secalis, causal agent of leaf blotch of barley.

Goulielmos Garifallou, University of Wolverhampton, to work with Peter Jenkinson, Harper Adams University College, on preliminary survey of the incidence of anastomosis groups of Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn in potato crops in the UK.

Dewi S. Davies, University of Wales, Bangor, to work with David Cooke, SCRI Dundee, on development and use of molecular markers for studying late blight population biology.

Robert Rees, University of Edinburgh, to work with Ulrike Krauss, CATIE, Costa Rica, on enhancing the germination of Gliocladium spp. for the purpose of biological control of cocoa pathogens.

P.H.Gregory Prize 2000

Congratulations to Jack Peart, winner of the P.H. Gregory Prize 2000. Jack is a Ph.D. student in the Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, supervised by Professor David Baulcombe. His lecture, at the BSPP meeting in December at Imperial College, Wye, was on 'Identification of genes required for N-mediated resistance against TMV by virus-induced gene silencing'

BSPPWeb @ The new look BSPPWeb

The new BSPP website was launched at the end of February, sporting an updated 'green' design which reflected the new BSPP image created by the graphic design and communications company "Parenthesis". There is now consistent formatting throughout the site which is easier on the eye and navigation has also improved through use of a submenu tree. Other new features at BSPPWeb are: 

  • search facility where relevant pages can be found by key word
  • separate search facilities for New Disease Reports and abstracts of ICPP98
  • abstracts and pictures from the Presidential Meeting 2000
  • Nigel Hardwick's article on 50 years of Plant Pathology
  • updated Molecular Plant Pathology pages including 'Pathogen Profiles'
  • improved and updated members database (see below)

Online Members Database - please update your records

The BSPP Online members database has been improved and is now easier to use. You should have received your new username and password for access but if you are having problems then please contact the webmanager. This is also a good chance to make sure your own record is correct and up to date and you can change any details yourself online! It is particularly important that your email address is correct on the database so that you don't miss out on any information sent out by the BSPP. In addition, please make sure you specify what pathogen/commodity etc. you are working on. Currently, the drop down lists allow several choices but if yours is not there, then please enter it into the database. This information is being stored so that it can be used at a later date in more complex searches which will allow you to find colleagues working on the exact crop or pathogen you specify.

Online Discussion Forums

As BSPPWeb was launched, the host server for the site also changed which now allows for more interactive features such as online discussion forums. These are ready to be implemented so if you and a group of colleagues wish to raise an issue or problem which can potentially be discussed with plant pathologists from around the world then please contact the webmanager.

Interest Groups

Yet again I call for those who wish to publicise their interest groups on BSPPWeb to come forward. The availability of a discussion forum would seem an excellent chance for pathologists with common interests to interact with each other, no matter where they are located. A problem shared is a problem quickly solved and other discussion forums on the web are testament to that - there is usually someone out there who knows the answer!

I hope you like the new BSPPWeb. If you would like to send comments or suggestions then please email me directly or fill out the form on the website, accessible from the main page.

John Clarkson
BSPP Webmanager. E-mail: