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BSPP News is a Newsletter circulated to all members of the BSPP to provide information on our activities The online edition contains the information and articles not available elsewhere on this website Contributions to BSPP News are always very welcome Please see the instructions to authors of travel, conference and other reports written for BSPP News

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BSPP News Volume 77, Summer 2015

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BSPP News Volume 76, Spring 2015

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BSPP News Volume 75, Winter 2014

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BSPP News Volume 74, Summer 2014

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BSPP News Volume 73, Spring 2014

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BSPP News Volume 72, Winter 2013

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BSPP News Volume 71, Summer 2013

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BSPP News Volume 70, Spring 2013

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BSPP News 25th Anniversary Edition Dec 2006
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BSPP News Volume 44, Summer 2003

BSPP News Volume 43 Autumn 2002
Scholarly Communication - Levelling the Playing Field, Plant Pathology Promotion Fund, Editorial: 'Spore-spore' is better than 'War-War' , Is the Board of BSPP doing a good job? Travel Bursaries Awarded in 2001-2 (including those for ICPP2003), Annual Review Meeting 2002, Changes to BSPP Officers and Board Members, A Week in the Life of a Once and Future Plant Pathologist, People and Places: Univ of Reading, Horticulture Research International, Central Science Laboratory, Chinese Safari, Dr Roy Johnson, A Week in the Life of the PhD students in the Gurr Lab, Conference Reports: Pathology and Food Security, Virus Epidemiology, Potato Diseases

BSPP News Volume 42 Summer 2002
Election of Vice-President and Board Members, Editorial: Is the PhD the best we can do? Senior Editor for New Disease Reports required, New Members of BSPP, Forthcoming BSPP Conferences, A Week in the Life of David Collinge, Where have all the Plant Pathologists gone? BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries 2002, MSc Bursaries, The BSPP Questionnaire, Voice of the Future, Conference and Travel Reports, DRASTIC - a Database Resource for Analysis of Signal Transduction in Cells, People and Places: Institute of Arable Crops Research, Central Science Laboratory, Molecular Plant Pathology, Obituary : L P Smith, Wanted! A new Newsletter Editor

BSPP News Volume 41 Spring 2002
Roger Plumb - President in 2002, New members of BSPP, Rhizomania in the news, David Baulcombe FRS, Conference and travel reports, Tales from the Teacher-Scientist Network, Undergraduate vacation bursaries 2001, People and places? Seven years in the life of a 'retired' plant pathologist, Editorial - Public misunderstanding of science

BSPP News Volume 40 Autumn 2001
New Membership and Programme Secretaries, Editorial: What do all those genes do? BSPP Travel Bursaries, New Members of BSPP, A Week in the Life of Steve Parker, People and Places: Dawn Arnold, HRI, CSL, IACR, University of Hertfordshire, Cambridge Mycology and Plant Pathology Club; Conference and Travel Reports, Molecular Plant Pathology and Plant Pathology: Forthcoming papers, Minutes of the 2nd Annual General Meeting, BSPP Questionnaire, Obituary: Nigel Lyons

BSPP News Volume 39 Summer 2001
Nominations for Vice President, New Members of BSPP, David Baulcombe FRS, Editorial: The price of freedom (from disease) is eternal vigilance; Is anybody listening to scientists? Letter to the Editor: MAFF Studentship Scheme, People and Places: IACR, John Innes Centre, University of the West of England, HRI; Plant Pathology in Contemporary Science,
Science Policy Priorities 2001, Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries, BSPPWeb, Molecular Plant Pathology, A Week in the Life of a molecular plant virologist: Sue Angell, Conference and Travel Reports, A Week in the Life of a lecturer (Elsewhere): Richard Cooper

BSPP News Volume 38 Spring 2001
Editorial: Where have all the phytoalexins gone?, Letter to the Editor: MAFF Studentships Revived, President of BSPP 2001: Christopher Gilligan, Fellowship Report: Wheat yellow rust in South Africa, The European Mycological Network, The 2000 BCPC Medallists, PBI's Hat-trick of Hat-tricks, People and Places: HRI, IACR, Reading, Hertfordshire, CSL, Membership News, New Members of BSPP, Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries, Conference and Travel Reports, Plant Health Importing Licensing, Obituary - Ian F Storey, New Disease Reports

BSPP News Volume 37 Autumn 2000
BSPP's President in 2000 - a Plant Pathologist with a Cellular Streak, Editorial - A green and pleasant land, but for how much longer? New members of BSPP, From the Membership Secretary, People and Places - Cambridge, SACs, HRI, University College London, CSL, BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries, A Week in the Life of a Plant Disease Advisor, aMaizing Plant Disease Game, New Senior Editor for Plant Pathology, Gareth Hughes receives Lee M Hutchins Award, Conference and Travel Reports, Letter to the Editor

BSPP News Volume 36 Spring 2000
Launch of Molecular Plant Pathology, Editorial: Living in Interesting Times, New Members of BSPP, BSPPWeb 2000, Lines on the Retirement of Dr Roy Johnson, People and Places, IOB Agricultural Sciences Committee, What does the Secretary of BSPP do? BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursary Reports, Jean Stamps, Reports of Meetings and Conferences,  ISPP Task Force, Conference and Travel Reports, Who does what on the BSPP Board

BSPP News Volume 35 Autumn 1999
Why this issue of BSPP News is thinner than usual, New members of BSPP, Editorial: How will the public stop worrying and learn to love GM food?, New Disease Reports, Mike Jeger: BSPP President for 1999, BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries for 1999, Reports on BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries for 1998, News about BSPPweb, People & Places: Aberystwyth, CSL, Reading, Dublin, Cambridge, Queen's Birthday Honours, Obituary: Professor Zahir Eyal

BSPP News Volume 34 Spring 1999
Membership Database Update, Professor David S Ingram OBE, Editorial: Food? Health? Hype! Cover Photographs for Plant Pathology,  BioCISE: Biological Collection Information, BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries 1998, Incorporation of BSPP, Obituary, New Members of BSPP, People and Places, BSPP Fellowship Scheme Report,  Conference and Travel Reports

BSPP News Volume 33 1998
New Members of BSPP, BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries, International Society for Plant Pathology, Editorial -Games Publishers Play, Membership database update, Incorporation of BSPP, Letter to the Editor, Review of ICPP98, Conference Reports, People and Places, A week in the life of   A University Lecturer (in term-time!), Plant Diseases Exhibition at the 1998 Edinburgh International Science Festival

BSPP News Volume 32 1998
Incorporation of BSPP Editorial - A Global Science in a Shrinking World, BSPP's President for 1998- Professor David Ingram, New Members of BSPP, From the Senior Editor of Plant Pathology - REFEREES, PLEASE PLAY THE GAME!, BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries 1997, Reports of Recent Conferences, Reports of Recent Conferences, continued, Not just a pretty tulip- Spreading the news about plant pathology, People and Places, OBITUARY - Dr Dorothy Derbyshire

BSPP News Volume 31 1997
Editorial: The Citation Rating Game, New Members, Local Representatives, Message from the President, Letter to the Editor, Pesticides and Perspectives: a Personal View, PCR Licensing, Metabolic Pathways of the Diseased Potato, Science and Plants for Schools, On Reading the Dearing Report, Biologists' Science Priorities for an Incoming Government, Undergraduate Vacation Bursaries, The BSPP archives, Reports on Conferences & Meetings, ICPP98 Update, People and Places, Molecular Plant Pathology On-Line, A Week in the Life of a Head of International Field Development in Industry

BSPP News Volume 30 1997
Editorial -Have you ever considered what good value you get from your membership of BSPP? New Members of BSPP, Profile of BSPP's President for 1997, From the President, Molecular Plant Pathology On-Line, New Initiatives from BSPP, ICPP98 Update, Too Much Jargon! or, why "The War of the Worlds" will not occur, News of Members, Local Plant Pathology Meetings, On Their Travels, BSPPweb: a Mine of Information, BSPP at Fungus 100, Diversity is the Spice of Life, Virtual Ex-President, Undergraduate Bursary Reports, Conference Reports, A National Strategy for Systematic Biology Research, A Week in the Life of a Molecular Plant Pathologist