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Our review on Emerging and Contrasting roles of autophagy in plant immunity is out.

We are looking for a new Secretary ( and a new Membership Secretary ( to join us for a three year term commencing in January 2020.

A blessing in disguise?

If GM bananas really turns out to be a solution, perhaps the public may turn towards the technology?

The disguise is pretty good, though

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2019 AGM Announcement

31st July 2019

The annual general meeting for the British Society for Plant Pathology will be held on Monday, 2nd September at 12.40pm.  It will be held in the main lecture theatre at the University of the West of England Bristol Exhibition and Conference Centre alongside the 2019 Presidential Meeting.  The address for the conference centre is Filton Road, Bristol BS16 1ZG and we would welcome your attendance.

At the meeting our President, Prof. Dawn Arnold, will present the activities of the Society over the past year and will also ask members to consider and, if thought fit, approve the following resolutions that will be proposed as special resolutions:

  • THAT the existing wording of Article 7 of the Articles of Association of the Society be amended by replacing it with the following wording:

“No business shall be transacted at any meeting unless a quorum is present. 5% of the persons entitled to vote upon the business to be transacted, each being a member, shall constitute a quorum”.

  • THAT the Society shall apply to the Charities Commission to be converted into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
  • THAT the articles of association produced to the meeting and initialled by the chairman of the meeting for the purposes of identification shall immediately following the conversion of the Society into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, be adopted as the articles of association of the Society in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, the existing articles of association of the Society.

I enclose the proposed revised Articles of Association for your consideration as well as the byelaws that are to be used in conjunction with the revised Articles of Association. 

If you wish to discuss any of these proposals prior to the AGM please do not hesitate to contact me either by email at or c/o NIAB, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0LE.

Dr Sarah Holdgate – BSPP Secretary, on behalf of the Board of the BSPP