A new normal – Share your stories of ‘Life with COVID19’

The COVID19 pandemic has brought challenges to scientists across the world. Many are on lockdown, with restricted access to workplaces and research facilities, as well as colleagues and friends. Some scientists have been caught in a work whirlwind with their expertise required to help tackle the pandemic.

What has COVID19 and the lockdown meant for you as a plant pathologist?

  • Has your research taken a change in direction?
  • How are you tackling new challenges?
  • Is isolation an issue?
  • How are you adapting to virtual working? – any tips you can share?
  • Are you finding new funding opportunities with an increased focus on food security?
  • Have you experienced any unexpected positives living in lockdown?

Share your experiences and stories with the BSPP community by using the comment box below. We will compile your comments into a BSPP website news item.

If you would like to write a blog for the BSPP website on how COVID19 and lockdown have affected you as a plant pathologist please email admin@bspp.org.uk

For inspiration – Nature and Science have been featuring commentaries on COVID19 for scientists. The Biologist has featured a story about scientists on the forefront of COVID19 research.

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