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We are looking for members to join us as ‘Membership Secretary’ or ‘Promotions and Social Media Manager’ for 2021-2024.

17th July 2020

Each year, members of the Society are invited to nominate fellow members who would be willing to serve as elected members of the BSPP Board for a three-year period, starting 1st January 2021. This year, nominations are required for two elected Board members.

Membership Secretary: The role of the Membership Secretary is (with regards to membership) to be the first contact point for queries from the BSPP membership. The Membership Secretary is responsible for looking after the membership database, such as keeping track of membership renewals, expirations and verifying membership status. We are a large society with over 500 active members. The Membership Secretary will work closely with the Webmanager.

Promotions and Social Media Manager: To coordinate publicity at BSPP and other relevant conferences. To provide board oversight, and to participate in two Publicity Strategy Meetings (online) held between the quarterly board meetings to discuss social media strategy. The Promotions and Social Media Manager will work closely with the BSPP Policy and Publicity Officer.

The Board of BSPP meets four times each year, usually in London (or online), to manage the affairs and business of the Society. This includes planning the annual Presidential Conference, managing the Society’s finances, and meeting our obligations as a charity. In addition to these formal duties, the Board is exploring ways to promote the interests of the Society and its members and there is a constant stream of new and exciting initiatives. Meetings are conducted in a friendly and relaxed manner and we are lucky to have a wide range of skills, outlooks and interests represented on the Board. Membership of the Board of BSPP provides a great opportunity to shape the activities and future of the Society. The wellbeing of the Society depends on the continuing support members give the Board.

Nominations by any member should be seconded by another BSPP member and have the approval of the nominee. Self-nominations should be seconded by two members. Nominations should be emailed to the Board Secretary, Trisna Tungadi, by 31st August 2020 ( Please indicate the preferred Board position in your nomination.

A short summary (150 words) of the nominee’s academic interests and achievements should also be provided. If more than one nomination is received for either position an electronic ballot will be held in the late autumn. In the event of a ballot, if any member would prefer to vote by post, rather than electronically, they should inform the Secretary now and she will make arrangements to provide a postal vote.

The Board look forward to hearing from you.

Trisna Tungadi,
Board Secretary