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Our review on Emerging and Contrasting roles of autophagy in plant immunity is out.

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A blessing in disguise?

If GM bananas really turns out to be a solution, perhaps the public may turn towards the technology?

The disguise is pretty good, though

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From potatoes to coffee, plant breeders are changing crops to adapt to an uncertain climate future

11th June 2019

A good read on how familiar foods we take for granted are being modified to survive droughts, pests, and other mainstays of a brave new climate changed world.

“We tend to view the effects of climate change through the lens of the worst and most dramatic disasters, from hurricanes and floods to forest fires. But farmers have a more mundane fear: that as weather becomes more extreme and varied, their land will no longer support the crops they grow. We’ve grown accustomed to living in a world where salad greens thrive in California, and Iowa is the land of corn. But even in the absence of a single, catastrophic event, conventional wisdom about what grows best where may no longer apply.”

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Taken from the excellent ISPP Monthly Newsletter – click here to check it out.