BSPP Fellowships

We have 4 fellowships. These are for junior (post-grad) and senior (post-doc) researchers, incoming researchers, as well as a fellowship specifically linking the UK and South Africa.

BSPP Undergraduate Vacation Bursary

To provide support for work on specified research projects for undergraduate students during the summer vacation (closing date: 1st April each year).

BSPP MSc/MRes Bursary

This fund supports a limited number of students taking a MSc/MRes course with a significant plant pathology content. Bursaries will be awarded on a competitive basis (closing date: 30th June).

BSPP Travel Fund

To provide financial assistance to members wishing to attend a plant pathology conference in the UK or overseas or make short study visits abroad.

BSPP Conference Fund

To support plant pathology related conferences, meetings and workshops.

BSPP Plant Pathology Promotion Fund

To promote an understanding and awareness of the importance of Plant Pathology to a wider audience than its membership.