BSPP Conference Fund

BSPP members can apply for limited funds to support the organisation of plant pathology related conferences, meetings and workshops. For example, funds could be used to reduce conference fees for students, to finance visiting speakers, to prepare documentation, to subsidise excursions etc. The amount awarded is at the discretion of the Board and will depend on the benefit to plant pathology, but will not exceed £4000. Application for funding, using the attached forms, should be made to the BSPP President Elect at least 4 months ahead of the intended date of the conference. Successful applicants should acknowledge the funding at the conference, and use the opportunity to promote BSPP and plant pathology where possible. It is a requirement that a report is submitted after the conference.

You can apply for conference funds by downloading an application form in MS Word below.
bsppconference.doc (MS Word)

Please return forms by email to with a signed hard copy to the address listed on our board members page for our president elect:

Conditions of award

1) It is a requirement that a full report is submitted within two months of the conference, which will include details of the number attending, the subject matter and any publicity arising from the conference.

2) Acknowledgement and Copyright:
• Written materials produced and published through the award are the copyright of the applicant's institution. BSPP retains the right to use written materials produced through the award on the understanding that BSPP will notify applicants of intended use.
• The award from BSPP must be acknowledged in all promotional activities.

3) DISCLAIMER: The BSPP provides no warranties about the conduct or outcome of the meeting/conference. The applicant in receipt of funds under this scheme is obliged to report the occurrence of any cancellation or postponement of the event or failure of the funded activities to take place. In the event that the conference is cancelled, The BSPP may seek to recover the total cost of the award.