Student Bursaries Awarded 2013

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Applicant: Dr Pietro Spanu (Imperial College, London)
Title: Characterising the targets of the powdery mildew fungus effector, BEC1054
Student: Max Wilkinson

Applicant: Prof Sarah Gurr (Univeristy of Exeter)
Title: Spatial and temporal resolution of pest and disease incidence
Student: Mara Carraro

Applicant: Dr Geraint Parry (Liverpool University)
Title: Investigating the nuclear pore complex as a possible target for developing resistance to plant viruses
Student: Alexander Coleman

Applicant: Prof Matt Dickinson (University of Nottingham)
Title: Developing LAMP-based diagnostics for in-field detection of Fusarium and Microdochium species causing Fusarium head blight
Student: Eleanor Fearnley

Applicant: Dr Radhika Desikan (Imperial College, London)
Title: Function of the two-component system in Botrytis-induced defence in Arabidopsis
Student: Alica Ptaszynska-Neophytou

Applicant: Prof Dawn Arnold (UWE, Bristol)
Title: Identification of competence genes in Pseudomonas syringae PV. Phaeolicola
Student: Michael Fleming

Applicant: Prof Murray Grant (Univeristy of Exeter)
Title: Real-time imaging of plant defence responses, ascertaining the impact of combinatorial treatments of hormones
Student: Laura Hooper

Applicant: Dr John Carr (Cambridge)
Title: Effect of tomato trichome mutants on aphids feeding behaviour and virus spread.
Student: Josephine Maidment

Applicant: Dr Gillian Young (AFBI, NI)
Title: Potato virus Y: which strains does Northern Ireland have and why?
Student: Aaron Nugent

Applicant: Prof Ian Toth (JHI, Dundee)
Title: Internalisation and spread of the bacterial plant pathogen Pectobacterium atrosepticum within potato plants
Student: Clarinda Burrell

Applicant: Prof Michael Shaw (Reading)
Title: Variation in the temperature response of growth in vitro of leptosphaeria maculans, causal agent of phoma stem canker on oilseed rape.
Student: Georgina Mason

Applicant: Dr David Cooke (JHI, Dundee)
Title: Pathogen genotype by environment interactions in potato late blight infection.
Student: Stephen Kemp

Applicant: Prof James Beynon (University of Warwick)
Title: Studying the role of pathogenicity effectors in altering host immune responses
Student: Tom Adams

Applicant: Dr Jane Thomas (NIAB)
Title: Genetic and mycotoxin profiling of an epidemic using Fusarium graminearum field populations.
Student: Alison Madgwick

Applicant: Dr Neil Havis (SRUC, Edinburgh)
Title: Defining the host range of the barley pathogen, Ramularia collo-cygni
Student: April Armstrong

Applicant: Dr Chris Ridout (JIC)
Title: Novel disease resistance and quality traits from heritage barley varieties
Student: Hicret Yalcin

Applicant: Dr Edgar Huitema (Dundee)
Title: Identification of DNA binding effectors in Phytophthora
Student: Ewan Waters

Applicant: Dr David Kenyon (SASA, Scottish Government)
Title: The use of molecular markers to study microbial diversity in soils following isothiocyanate (ITC) treatments.
Student: Sarah O’Flaherty

Applicant: Dr Robert Coutts (Imperial)
Title: Screening a large panel of Chalara fraxinea isolates for mycoviruses for potential use in biological control of the ash dieback disease
Student: Saidat Ladejobi

Applicant: Prof Bruce Fitt
Title: Suppression of the plant immune response by effectors produced by Leptosphaeria maculans
Student: Isobel Stokes