Student Bursaries Awarded 2014

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Supervisor: Dr Steven Spoel
Identification of host genes conferring susceptibility to rubellin toxins from the plant pathogen Ramularia collo-cygni.
Student: Lindsay Williams (Member) 8 Weeks, cost £2,100. Received 21/8/2014

Supervisor: Dr Ethan Hack
Investigation of the mechanism of biological control of spot blotch disease of barley by Trichoderma harzianum T-22.
Student: Lauren Tough 8 Weeks, cost £2,100.

Supervisor: Dr Stephan Helfer
Evaluating the occurrence, distribution and pathology of rust fungi (Pucciniales), infecting woody plant in urban Scotland with a focus on Edinburgh.
Student: Richard James Iremonger 8 Weeks, cost £2,100. Received 15/11/2014

Supervisor: Dr Helen Neale
Hydrogen sulphide effects on plant pathogenic bacteria.
Student: Kelly Jade Sedgwick 8 Weeks, cost £2,100.

Supervisor: Dr Mathew James Moscou
Investigating the genetic architecture of host species specificity of wheat stripe rust.
Student: Victoria Pui Wa Auyeung 8 Weeks, cost £2,100. Received 21/09/2014

Supervisor: Dr Anna Avrova
Bioinformatic analysis of the tertiary structure of effector proteins.
Student: Dimitar Z Epihov 8 Weeks, cost £2,100. Received 11/09/2014

Supervisor: Prof Sophien Kamoun
Genome editing in Phytophthora using CRISPR technology.
Student: Nattapong Sanguankiattichai 8 weeks, cost £2,100. Received 19/09/2014

Supervisor: Dr Robert H. A. Coutts
Cloning and sequencing dsRNA elements from Beauveria bassiana.
Student: Jana Sipkova 9 Weeks, cost £2,300. Received 22/8/14

Supervisor: Dr Robert W. Jackson
Identification and Characterisation of virulence genes in the plant pathogenic bacterium Pseudomonas viridiflava (Pv).
Student: Lamia Barbara Stevens
10 Weeks, cost £2,500. Received 02/10/2014

Supervisor: Dr Huw Bleddyn Hughes
Metabolomic characterisation of eyespot infection in different cultivars.
Student: Nicolas Pettican-Perez
10 Weeks, cost £2,500.

Supervisor: Dr Andy Bailey
Getting to grip with Pine Pitch Canker.
Student: Amy Newman
10 Weeks, cost £2,500.

Supervisor: Dr Paul Nicholson
Response of Brachypodium distachyou TDNA-tagged mutants to infection by Gaeumannomyces graminis.
Student: Elizabeth Bankes-Jones
10 Weeks, cost £2,500

Supervisor: Dr Edgar Huitema
Identification of Phytophthora capsisci nuclear effector targets.
Student: Daniel Anzelm Ganszky
10 Weeks, cost £2,500. Received 04/09/2014

Supervisor: Prof Kim Hammond-Kosack
Investigating take-all disease progression in two important elite winter wheat cultivars.
Student: Joseph Earley
10 Weeks, cost £2,500. Received 04/09/2014

Supervisor: Dr Neal Evans
Assessing the performance of two DSS models for predicting fungicidal spray timings for control of strawberry powdery mildew.
Student: Eamonn James Doherty
10 Weeks, cost £2,500. Received 24/11/2014

Supervisor: Dr Vivian Blok
Are UK field populations of Globodera pallida hybrids between different South American introductions?
Student: Shona Strachan
10 Weeks, cost £2,500. Received 09/09/2014

Supervisor: Dr Richard O’Hanlon
Evaluating the fungicide sensitivity and biocide susceptibility of the four lineages of Phytophthora ramorum.
Student: Nicola Coyle
10 Weeks, cost £2,500. Received 11/09/2014

Supervisor: Prof George Salmond
Co-regulation of flotation, bioactive secondary metabolite production and virulence in a bacterial phytopathogen.
Student: Rachel Adams
10 weeks, cost £2,500.

Supervisor: Prof Sarah Gurr
Surface sensing drives infection in Septoria Leaf Blotch infection.
Student: Joshua Cowper
10 Weeks, cost £2,500

Supervisor: Dr Chris Ridout
The role of chitin perception in disease resistance in cereals.
Student: Aimee Rebecca Fowkes
10 Weeks, cost £2,500. Received 22/09/2014

Supervisor: Dr Geraint Parry
Investigating the relationship between Geminivirus infection and the plant nuclear transport apparatus.
Student: Claire Kemp
10 Weeks, cost £2,500. Received 27/10/2014

Total cost of all bursaries in 2014 = £49,500.