Student Bursaries Awarded 2015

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Applicant: Henrik Stotz, University of Hertfordshire
Title: Sustainable yield of oilseed rape through improved resistance against Leptosphaeria maculans (phoma)
Student: Katherine Noel

Applicant: Cyril Zipfel, The Sainsbury Laboratory
Title: Deciphering the interplay between cell wall integrity, sensing and immunity
Student: Jack Rhodes

Applicant: Ashleigh Mackenzie, SRUC, Edinburgh.
Title: The impact of different fungicide regimes on the development of fungicide resistance in B. cinerea
Student: Marcus Murray

Applicant: Pietro Spanu, Imperial
Title: Identifying direct protein-protein interactions between barley powdery mildew effectors and components of cereal Receptor Like Kinases required for non-host resistance in wheat and barley.
Student: Emily Read

Applicant: Murray Grant, Exeter
Title: A novel adenosine nucleoside as a broad-spectrum virulence factor in plant-microbe interactions?
Student: Benjamin Gough

Applicant: Sarah Green, Forest Research
Title: Investigate spread of Phytophthora austrocedri in soil and water at an infected juniper (Juniperus communis) site
Student: Heather Dun

Applicant: Mark Banfield, JIC
Title: The molecular basis of host interaction in an effector protein family from Phytophthora
Student: Velin Sequeira

Applicant: Kim Hammond-Kosack, Rothamsted
Title: Investigating a potential link between take-all disease progression and root system phenotypes in two important elite winter wheat cultivars
Student: Erin Baggs

Applicant: Eleni Siasou, UWE, Bristol
Title: The effects of acute ionizing radiation on plant fungal pathogens
Student: Shea Murphy

Applicant: Mahmut Tor, Worcester
Title: Genetic dissection of sulforaphane-mediated defence signalling in Arabidopsis.
Student: Lisa King

Applicant: Lesley Torrance, JHI
Title: Naturally-occurring endosymbiotic bacteria in plant tissues – where and what are they, and what are the implications for plant pathogen genome sequencing?
Student: Beatrix Clark

Applicant: Estrella Luna-Diez, Sheffield
Title: The effect of a plant defence activator in the protection of tomato harvest against diseases
Student: Samuel Wilkinson

Applicant: Robert Saville, East Malling
Title: Conventional Chemistries under threat: Can alternative chemistries complementa reduced fungicide programme?
Student: Michael Long

Applicant: Sarah Gurr, Exeter
Title: Emerging pests and pathogens in China.
Student: Elsa Fields

Applicant: Rob Jackson, Reading
Title: Characterisation of bacteriophage for use in controlling Horse Chestnut bleeding canker (HCBC) disease
Student: Benjamin James Dorgan

Applicant: John Carr, Cambridge
Title: Mutations in cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) affecting interactions of the 2b silencing suppressor with AGO1 and CMV-induced effects on aphid performance.
Student: Josh McQuail