There are multiple web sites which fulfil the role of advertising jobs and studentships, for this reason we generally do not publish them on our site. Examples include and, as well as multiple recruitment web sites which can be found on Google.


We often get enquiries about PhD opportunities in Plant Pathology. In the UK the main funder of such research is the Biotechnology and Biological Research Council (BBSRC) and the majority of their opportunities are managed through twelve Doctoral Training Partnerships:

All of the DTPs include Agriculture and Food Security as a priority area so all are likely to have projects in the general area of Plant Pathology. Some of these partnerships recruit to a general programme, with students selecting their PhD projects after starting, others recruit to specific projects or project areas from the start, so you need to be aware of the sorts of specialisms for each DTP when you apply to ensure it will cover the sorts of things you are interested in. Each DTP manages its recruitment in a slightly different way, but in general, projects or programmes are advertised each autumn, with application deadlines from Late November onwards, to commence PhDs the following September.

The other main sites doing plant pathology PhDs not included the 12 DTPs would be: AberystwythEssexGreenwich Harper Adams,LancasterNorthamptonQueens BelfastReadingSouthamptonBristol UWEWorcester