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BSPP is proposing to appoint two paid positions on a freelance basis. These positions are a Society Administrator and Policy and Publicity Officer.

Vacancies for the BSPP – Closing Date 13th Sept 2019 -

Deadly olive tree disease spreads to France

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Calling female plant pathologists … Soapbox Science 2019

20th January 2019

Recruiting for this year’s Soapbox Science is now well underway and you have until the 1st March to put in your application – what better way to take plant pathology to the masses than by standing on your soapbox and sharing your love of this fascinating microscopical world with anyone who stops to listen – a chance to inform, inspire or entertain the general public, boost your science communication experience and raise the profile of women in science.

There are more events than ever in 2019 – with 20 in the UK alone – and a simple online application procedure. Locations and dates are listed below but check out for the up-to-date list and to apply direct. You can apply to speak anywhere in the UK: your home town or where you are based now being the most obvious. It is a competitive process and local organisers will be in touch beyond the closing date with details of how the event will run in their town/city. GOOD LUCK!

Want to gain some general Science Communication training, then join us at MBPP in Norwich later this year … 


Aberdeen – May & September 

Belfast-  date tbc 

Brighton- 1st June

Bristol- 20th July

Canterbury- 15th June

Cardiff- 1st June

Edinburgh- 8th June

Exeter- 29th June

Leicester- 1st June

London- 25th May

Milton Keynes- 29th June

Newcastle- 15t h June

Norwich- date tbc

Plymouth- June

Reading- 8th June

Sheffield- June/July

Stoke-on-Trent- 6th July

Swansea- June/July

York- June

International locations:


Tucumán- September


Gold Coast- 17th August

Sydney- 10th August


Rio de Janeiro- 14th July


Calgary- 1st June

Halifax- July

Ottawa- 14th September

Toronto- September

Waterloo- 9th June

Windsor- 22nd September


Berlin- 22nd June

Munich- 1st June


Accra- 25th May


Dublin- July

Cork- June

Galway- July


Lagos- date tbc

South Africa:

Cape Town- September


Umeå- 18th May

Uppsala- May


Arusha- 8th August


Boulder- 7th April

Chicago- 13th July