Nomination for the RKS Wood Prize 2019

8th May 2019

The prize is named and awarded in honour of Professor RKS Wood, by the British Society for Plant Pathology to acknowledge his role in driving the establishment of discipline “Physiological Plant Pathology”. The prize celebrates excellent science in the study of plant disease biology and its application in the protection of plants against pathogens.

The recipient will receive a prize of £1000. This is conditional on giving a lecture on their achievements at one of the society’s meetings. All reasonable expenses will be paid.

The recipient will be chosen on the basis of a written nomination by members of the BSPP which can justify the positive impact of recent findings on society, agriculture or the environment.

Research effort over a few recent years which has had a significant impact on understanding the biology of plant-pathogen interactions or the application of this knowledge to improve our ability to control plant diseases.

The impact should be measurable but does not necessarily have to be published in scientific journals.

There should be clear evidence of achievements, supporting scientific as well as broader impacts, for example in agriculture, forestry, natural environment and society at large.

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Nominations for 2019 should be sent by 8th July

RKS Wood 2019

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  • Name, affiliation and contact info
  • • What is the discovery? • How has this had an impact on our understanding of disease biology and/or how does this improve disease control? • Measurable outcomes?