Nominations for the 2021 BSPP Honorary Membership

The BSPP Board will consider nominations for Honorary Membership of the Society in 2021 made through an annual nomination process. Honorary Membership is awarded at the discretion of the Board from nominations made from any member of the Society. The person nominating a potential honoree should submit a brief biography, including accomplishments. Nominees would not normally be current members of the Board of the Society or Senior Editors of BSPP journals. The Board will normally award one Honorary Membership per annum.

In considering if an individual has made an outstanding contribution to the discipline, the Board shall consider the following criteria and any others they deem appropriate, responding on the basis of each individual’s merits:

  • An outstanding contribution to plant pathology and to the community of plant pathologists in the UK or internationally.
  • Significant and conspicuous service to the Board of the Society, on Committees or to the Society over an extended period of time.
  • A significant contribution through employment or volunteer efforts over an extended period of time (10+years) to the professional development of the discipline.
  • Significant impact during their career as a senior plant pathologist, well recognized in the society, at a national or international level.

Closing date for completed applications: 31st July.

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Please complete all sections of the form below to make a nomination.

  • REMINDER: You must be a BSPP member to make this nomination. Please make sure you use your registered email address so we can confirm your membership.
  • It is requested that if you wish to nominate someone for honorary membership you do not disclose this to the nominee. If a nomination is successful then the nominee will be contacted by the BSPP Board.