Previous BSPP Sponsored Conferences

BSPP 2019: Arms race: Evolution of plant pathogens and their hosts

Exhibition and Conference Centre, University of West England, Frenchay campus. 2nd September 2019 – 3rd September 2019

Molecular Biology of Plant Pathogens (MBPP 2017)

St. Aidan’s college, Durham, UK., 29 to 30 Mar 2017
Molecular Biology of Plant Pathogens (MBPP) is a general pathology conference aimed at PhD students and early career researchers

Grand Challenges in Plant Pathology Interdisciplinary Study Group 2016

St Hugh’s College, Oxford, 14 to 16 Sep 2016
The Grand Challenges in Plant Pathology Interdisciplinary Study Group aims to bring together a group of outstanding graduate researchers who have the motivation, creativity and skills needed to tackle the most important challenges in plant disease research.

BSPP 2016: Food Security Biosecurity & Trade – The Role of Plant Health

St Hugh’s College, Oxford, UK, 12 to 13 Sep 2016
The presidential meeting in 2016 will examine the role of plant health in the interactions of food security, biosecurity and trade and the significant role plant pathology and plant pathologists have to play in these challenges at the start of the 21st century.

BSPP 2015: Presidential Conference

University of Bristol, 13 to 15 Sep 2015

BSPP 2014: Presidential Meeting – Some like it hot

St Andrews University, 01 to 02 Sep 2014

BSPP 2013 Presidential Meeting: Visions of plant disease management in 2050

University of Aston, Birmingham, 17 to 18 Dec 2013
As well as invited speakers and contributed posters, this meeting will provide extended opportunities for group discussion and brainstorming of the issues involved, looking to the future of applied plant pathology and improving networking.

Protecting our woodlands: tackling tree pests and diseases

University of Reading, 16 to 17 Sep 2013
This meeting will focus on the scientific work that is currently investigating the many pest and disease threats to our woodlands. As well as talks on a wide range of relevant topics there will also be opportunities to discuss issues on a more informal basis. 

BSPP 2012: Fitness Costs and Trade-offs in Plant-Parasite Interactions

Norwich UK, 16 to 18 Dec 2012
The BSPP 2012 Presidential Conference will focus on fitness costs and trade-offs involved in plant disease. It will cover a range of areas from molecular biology and physiology to ecology and evolution, as well as the relevance of fitness costs to disease control.

BSPP 2011: The Impact of Bioactive Small Molecules in Plant Pathology

Clare College, Cambridge, UK, 15 to 16 Dec 2011
The meeting will address how microbes use small molecules in their assault on plants, how plants retaliate with their own molecular arsenal, and how bioactive molecules may be exploited in disease control.

BSPP 2009: Darwin to Disease; Crops and their pathogens

Oxford University Museum, 22 Sep 2009
Celebrating Darwin’s 200th birthday, this special event was held in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Speakers included Robert Zeigler, Nick Talbot, Gero Steinberg, Ralph Panstruga, Paul Birch, Howard Atkinson, Ian Toth, Peter Dodds, Franck Takken, Jurriaan Ton and James Brown.

BSPP 2008: Cereal Pathosystems

Queen Mary College, London, 16 to 17 Dec 2008
Two-day joint meeting with HGCA (, providing an exciting and wide-ranging view of current understanding of cereal pathosystems.

BSPP 2007: Attack and Defence in Plant Disease

University of Bath, 12th-14 September 2007
President: Dr Richard Cooper

BSPP 2006: Sustainable disease management: the European perspective

KVL – The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen from 13-17 August
Joint meeting with EFPP. President: Prof. Peter Mills

BSPP 2006: BSPP 25th Anniversary Meeting

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BSPP 2005: Plant Pathology with a Purpose

Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham, UK from 19-21 December
President: Prof. Phil Russell

BSPP 2004: Discovery, Development and Delivery in Plant Pathology (joint EFPP 2004 meeting)

Old Aberdeen Campus, University of Aberdeen, Scotland from 5-10th September
President: Dr Stuart Wale.

BSPP 2003: Plant Pathogen Genomics – From Sequence To Application

Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham, UK from 15-18 December.
President: Prof. John Lucas

BSPP 2002: Plant Pathology and Global Food Security

Imperial College, London, UK from 8-10 July. 
President: Prof. Roger Plumb

BSPP 2000: Plant-pathogen interactions: understanding mechanisms of resistance and pathogenicity for disease control

Wye College, 18-20 December 2000
President: Prof. John Mansfield

BSPP 1999: Biotic interactions in plant-pathogen interactions

Hertford College, Oxford, 19-22 December 1999
President: Prof. Mike Jeger

BSPP 1998: Detection, isolation and manipulation of soil and rhizosphere micro-organisms

University of Warwick, 15-17 December 1998
President: Dr David Ingram

BSPP 1997: Plant Pathology – Global perspectives of an applied science

University of York, 15-18 December, 1997
President: Dr Nigel Hardwick

BSPP 1996: Unlocking the future: Information technology in plant pathology

University of Kent, 16-19 December, 1996
President: Dr Peter R Scott