50 Years of Plant Pathology

To commemorate 50 years of the journal Plant Pathology, the following online article was written by Dr Nigel Hardwick  (printed in Plant Pathology 50, 1-9)

50 Years of Plant Pathology: N. V. Hardwick, Central Science Laboratory, Sand Hutton, York YO41 1LZ, UK

The signing of the publishing agreement with Blackwells in April 1981. Peter Scott, Philip Gregory, Bryan Wheeler
and Chris Rawlinson.

The four covers of Plant Pathology (front: the original cover during publication by HMSO from 1952-81; left to right the first cover under editorship of BSPP from 1982-1997; the change in size and cover design to advertise and commemorate the 7th International Congress of Plant Pathology held in Edinburgh 1998 and the first issue in the current cover format from 1999.