Student Bursaries Awarded in 2017

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Supervisor: Barbara Mable, Glasgow
Title: Exploring pathogenic fungal communities within the rhizosphere of Brassicas
Student: Gayan Karthik

Supervisor: Catherine Walker, Rothamsted Research
Title: Characterisation of the Nicotiana benthamiana defence response against overexpression of Fusarium graminearum small secreted proteins
Student: Clare Kanja

Supervisor: Chris Ridout, John Innes Centre
Title: The role of Mlo genes during powdery mildew infection and mycorrhizal colonisation
Student: Ella Wolfenden

Supervisor: Estrella Luna-Diez, Sheffield
Title: Plant defence strategies to Fusarium oxysporum
Student: Jemma Upton

Supervisor: Ethan hack, Newcastle
Title: Investigating production of anti-fungal metabolites by the biological control agent Trichoderma harzianum for control of spot blotch disease
Student: Frank Eardley

Supervisor: Georgia Mitrousia, Hertfordshire
Title: Examination of necrosis and ethylene-inducing peptide 1 (Nep1) like proteins by the fungal pathogens causing phoma stem canker on oilseed rape
Student: Remila Nguli

Supervisor: Gerry Saddler, SASA Edinburgh
Title: Is potato blackleg in Scotland only caused by Pectobacterium atrosepticum?
Student: Iain Cowper

Supervisor: James Woodhall, Idaho
Title: Developing diagnostics for sugar beet powdery mildew
Student: Annika Thomas

Supervisor: Katherine Denby, York
Title: Identifying interactions between Hpa effectors and Arabidopsis transcription factors
Student: Calum Graham

Supervisor: Mahmut Tor, worcester
Title: Towards the use of RNAi strategy to control Fusarium head blight
Student: Mark Raw

Supervisor: Mark Banfield, John Innes Centre
Title: Recognition of structurally related but sequence divergent pathogen effector proteins in Magnaporthe oryzae by distinct host NLR receptors
Student: Jiawen Chen

Supervisor: Matthew Cromey, RHS Wisley
Title: Exploring the potential of Trichoderma: identification, isolation methods and inoculation
Student: Niamah Bashir

Supervisor: Paul Birch, Dundee
Title: Learning how to cope with the rotters and blighters in the Dundee Phytophthora lab
Student: Yusuf Sule

Supervisor: Paul Nicholson, John Innes Centre
Title: Investigation of the genetic basis of resistance to wheat blast
Student: Suzy Pearce

Supervisor: Renier van der Hoorn, Oxford?
Title: Identifying amino acid residues conferring the functional differences in immune proteases Rcr3 and Pip1 of tomato in triggering hypersensitive cell death
Student: Oliver Mattinson

Supervisor: Rose Murray, Bristol
Title: Investigating drought tolerance in virus infected plants
Student: Patrick Shannon

Supervisor: Tolga Bozkurt, Imperial
Title: Dissecting the role of the autophagy cargo receptor Joka2 during plant-pathogen interactions
Student: Ignacio Eseverri

Supervisor: Yongju Huang, Hertforshire
Title: Identification of cultivar resistance against Leptosphaeria maculans and L. biglobosa in oilseed rape
Student: Etelka Chung

Supervisor: Murray Grant, Warwick
Title: The role of truncated R proteins in plant-pathogen interactions
Student: Breagha Magill