Student Bursaries Awarded in 2019

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Supervisor: Andy Bailey, University of Bristol
Title: Investigating the impact of the fungus Zymoseptoria tritici on wheat
Student: Katie Jeal

Supervisor: Richard O’Hanlon, AFBI Belfast
Title: An investigation into blight of cedar (Cedrus deodara) in Tollymore forest park
Student: Richard Hillis

Supervisor: Tina Chancellor & Kim Hammond-Kosack, Rothamsted
Title: Volatile organic compound (VOC) profiling of wheat: exploiting plant responses to fungal attack for the control of Take-all disease
Student: Katie Elise (Kallie) Botha

Supervisor: Adam Kleczkowski, Strathclyde
Title: Modelling economic aspects of Potato Cyst Nematode spread and control
Student: Beth McDougall

Supervisor: Sebastian Eves-van den Akker, U. Cambridge
Title: Silencing the putative temporal regulators of parasitism in Globadera pallida
Student: Greta Coreen Gallina

Supervisor: Matthew Moscou, Sainsbury Labs, Norwich
Title: Investigating wild barley for resistance to blast
Student: Victoria Armer

Supervisor: Graeme Kettles, U. B’ham
Title: Tools for the molecular dissection of oak tree diseases
Student: Christopher Griffin

Supervisor: Mark Banfield, JIC
Title: What weapons do you have? Characterising a set of Magnaporthe oryzae pathogen effectors
Student: Poppy

Supervisor: Triona Davey, SASA Edinburgh
Title: Investigating the potential benefits of drone-captured video and image analysis to enhance disease detection and varietal differentiation in potatoes
Student: Roisin Kelly

Supervisor: Sophien Kamoun, Sainsbury Lab, Norwich
Title: Identifying the genetic components of an NLR network
Student: Max Jordan

Supervisor: Liz Beal & Fryni Drizou, RHS Wisley
Title: Identifying the Diversity and the Spread-Pattern of Phytophthora spp. in a Public Garden
Student: Louise Ager

Supervisor: Chinthani Karandeni-Dewage, U. Herts
Title: Effects of cultivar resistance and efficacy of fungicides on control of phoma stem canker pathogens of oilseed rape
Student: Lucy Anscombe

Supervisor: Katherine Denby, U.York
Title: Improving plant defence responses to pathogen infection
Student: Emma White

Supervisor: Tolga Bozkurt, Imperial
Title: Dissecting the mechanism of chloroplast movement towards the host-pathogen interface
Student: Andrada Ioana Balmez

Supervisor: Helen Fones (Eyles), Exeter
Title: Effect of wheat nitrogen status and foliar fertilisation upon Septoria tritici blotch disease
Student: Elliott Parnell

Supervisor: Ethan Hack, Newcastle
Student: Ryan Michael Thompson