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Planting a tree today from the UK Ash Archive #PlantHealth #plantdisease #IYPH2020

Research comparing the role of selected #Xylella fastidiosa genes in the acquisition, retention & transmission by insect vectors found that selected mutations may separately have different rates & success but, to stop the spread, complete disruption of colonisation is required.

New UK Agriculture Bill recognising importance of #soilhealth #soil #Agriculturebill #PlantHealth

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Submit a Graphical Abstract with your manuscript to our journals

17th October 2019

An image is worth more than 1000 words! By introducing Graphical abstracts for original articles and review articles accepted for publication, Plant Pathology and Molecular Plant Pathology want to broaden the reading experience and capture the key points of an article in a single image.

These images can be shared and reproduced via all social media for the benefit of spreading important research.

Click these links to read more about the process…

Molecular Plant Pathology Journal details
Plant Pathology Journal details