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RT @BSPPjournals: We are delighted to welcome the cereal pathologist Rumiana Ray as a new Editor in our team! @RumianaRay

RT @BSPPjournals: We also welcome grapevine pathologist Regina Billones Baaijens to the Editorial team! A good day for the journal!

Go up or go down? Bursaphelenchus xylophilus dispersal in pine branches is random:

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BSPP news update

17th March 2020

Chelsea Photo Call-Out for BSPP members: Monday 16th March 2020 was the last day of the Chelsea Photo Call-Out for BSPP members. This week we will be reviewing all of the fantastic images submitted from BSPP members to our Chelsea Photo Call-Out. The British Society for Plant Pathology will be sharing these images with the Royal Horticultural Society as part of the UN International Year of Plant Health ( We are promoting plant pathology as an essential tool for plant health from gardens to forests, fields and the natural landscape.

Undergraduate Studentships 2020: Tuesday 17th March 2020 was the last day for host applications to be submitted to the Royal Society of Biology, for Plant Health Undergraduate Studentships 2020 ( Three studentships are available for BSPP members. PHUGS are a fantastic opportunity to inspire undergraduates on a path to plant pathology.

Our two events for April, ‘Write Now’ and ‘Our Plants, Our Future’ have been postponed. We will post updates on these events on the website.