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Publish your next paper open access in Plant Pathology without fees? A new agreement between our publisher Wiley and Jisc means that if you’re a UK-based researcher at a participating institution you may now be able to publish open access at no direct cost

Are you a BSPP member working remotely and wanting access to Plant Pathology? Remember that your membership gives you personal access to the journal in the Wiley Online Library. Check the BSPP website or ask the Editorial Office for instructions.

Illuminating infection of common sage oomycete disease 🌿 Peronospora salviae-officinalis with confocal laser scanning microscopy 🔬 Open access @BSPPjournals

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BSPP news update

17th March 2020

Chelsea Photo Call-Out for BSPP members: Monday 16th March 2020 was the last day of the Chelsea Photo Call-Out for BSPP members. This week we will be reviewing all of the fantastic images submitted from BSPP members to our Chelsea Photo Call-Out. The British Society for Plant Pathology will be sharing these images with the Royal Horticultural Society as part of the UN International Year of Plant Health ( We are promoting plant pathology as an essential tool for plant health from gardens to forests, fields and the natural landscape.

Undergraduate Studentships 2020: Tuesday 17th March 2020 was the last day for host applications to be submitted to the Royal Society of Biology, for Plant Health Undergraduate Studentships 2020 ( Three studentships are available for BSPP members. PHUGS are a fantastic opportunity to inspire undergraduates on a path to plant pathology.

Our two events for April, ‘Write Now’ and ‘Our Plants, Our Future’ have been postponed. We will post updates on these events on the website.